High memory usage windows 10 idle

Hello, i"m having troubles with my RAM consumption on Windows 10, obtained nothing utilizing RAM and also 13/16Go used, haven"t uncovered anything that operated and it"s really disturbing

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Hi Prestian,I noticed that you have the majority of Google Chrome tabs that are open up.Which meant to be the culprit for this problem.You deserve to check this short article for better indevelopment about RAM consumption for Google Chrome.https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/chrome-using-a lot...Adding to that, there are particular solutions that are running upon startup.You have the right to disable them if you don"t actually usage them.Check this link for the overview on how to disable those startup items.https://www.groovyarticle.com/howto/disable-startu...If these helped you out, feel complimentary to give me feedback.Thanks and also have a great day

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Hi, Yes of course for Chrome, yet even without it started i have the very same intake, for the startup i currently stopped whatever not crucial.

That"s why i"m wondering if there might be somepoint else making use of so much RAM

Thanks for the answer

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HiMy name is Lester and also hopecompletely, this helps answer your question.Seems that the Ram intake is being used by a 3rd party applications in background, you might attempt these troubleshooting measures that will refixed the worry.Method 1. Do clean boot:A “clean boot” starts Windows via a minimal set of vehicle drivers and also startup programs, so that you can identify whether a background program is interfering with your game or regimen. - In the search box on the taskbar, form msconfig and choose System Configuration from the results.- On the Services tab of System Configuration, choose Hide all vivaworldcup.info services, and also then pick Disable all.- On the Startup tab of System Configuration, choose Open Task Manager.- Under Startup in Task Manager, for each startup item, pick the item and then choose Disable.- Cshed Task Manager.- On the Startup tab of System Configuration, pick OK. When you restart the computer system, it"s in a clean boot environment. troubleshooting reference: https://support.vivaworldcup.info.com/en-us/help/929135...Method 2. Run memory diagnostic tool: Memory diagnostic tool is a RAM test to examine if there is any type of problems via RAM.- Press Windows vital + R then kind in mdsched.exe hit OK then restart the device.Method 3. Set the PC to finest performance:Press windows key + Pause/Break (or go to file traveler and also best click This COMPUTER and also click properties)click on Modern device settings> Under Performance click settings> Click Adsimply for ideal performance and click OKNote: this will reduce all appearance settings you have actually yet will certainly optimize the performance of the PC.I hope this will aid us deal with the concern.LesterIndependent Advisor