How many games can 1tb hold


If you are a game player, you might uncover the tough disk space is not sufficient or the gaming rate is sluggish and you arrangement to buy a brand-new SSD. Then, right here comes a question: is 1TB SSD enough for gaming? The answer can be discovered in this short article. Besides, you can use a Software to move everything to the SSD.

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Do You Need a Large SSD for Gaming?

In Windows 10, you can play a variety of games like PUBG, League of Legends, and so on considering that this operating system boosts the gaming function and also offers you the best user suffer. But when you play a large game, you might encounter a common instance – the gaming rate is slow.

This is mainly because your game is mounted on an HDD or the disk room of your hard drive is not enough. In this case, you may desire to install a huge SSD to the computer system for gaming since the rate of the SSD is rapid and also deserve to market great performance.

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Before purchasing an SSD, you might ask: is 1TB SSD sufficient for gaming? After analysis this post, you understand the answer.

How Much SSD Do I Need for Gaming? Is 1TB Enough for Gaming?

How a lot SSD you require depends on many facets and also now let’s view them, then you have the right to know if 1TB is good for gaming.

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What Is the Current Total and Used Storage Capacity for HDD or SSD?

Checking if tbelow is enough room to use in your difficult drive is an essential point that you should pay attention to. This is largely because you must move everything including games on your original difficult drive to the SSD.

Besides, you need to additionally note that limiting capacity less than around 60% is important given that the majority of of you want to encertain the SSD holds all the contents without having to delete some data. Also, the supplied capacity shouldn’t be more than 75%. Otherwise, the read and also create performance of your SSD may get weaker rather.

Hence, the capacity of brand-new SSD need to be bigger than the resource disk. If you are currently making use of a 500GB disk, a 1TB SSD is recommfinished.

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Is the SSD Only Used for Gaming?

What your SSD is supplied for is the the majority of vital suggest you should alert. For design and game, your COMPUTER demands to be equipped via a huge capacity SSD.

If you are engaged in video modifying or graphic style occupational, you may have the experience: C drive is full. This is bereason skilled software takes up many mechanism resources and the C drive may require even more than 100GB capacity. And many type of records, documents, photos, videos, and so on are saved to your tough drive. So, 1TB SSD and over capacity are your common choices.

If you are a gamer and desire to install some games on an SSD, the capacity have to be at least 500GB. But for some huge games, 1TB SSD is a good option if the budgain is adequate.

As for the world-famed Grand also Theft Auto V, a complete installation calls for around 75GB. Other well-known games choose FIFA 19 and also Witcher 3 also need more than 50GB of capacity. Even some games need more than 100GB.

If the SSD is 1TB, you deserve to alsituate 256GB to the system, various other 256GB to game usage, and also 512GB to install multiple identical capacities of the game. For the staying room, you deserve to install some little games.

Is SSD the Only Storage Device on Your Computer?

Do you desire to just save SSD on your computer? If yes, evaluate your storage needs and you have the right to accurately predict what you require for gaming. But if you must install a lot of games, at leastern 1TB SSD is needed, or else, you delete games you want to play in the future.

If you desire to save both the SSD and also HDD on the machine, you deserve to install many type of big games on the SSD (1TB) and also save various other data to HDD.


Is 1TB SSD sufficient for gaming? In our opinion, it is sufficient for you and also it can market adequate data storage capacity for Windows 10, firmware components, third-party applications, everyday storage, and also favorite games.

Of course, if you have actually a higher demand, you deserve to install an SSD that is larger than 1TB to your computer.

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Best 1TB SSDs for Gaming

After deciding to purchase 1TB SSD, one more question comes: what is the finest 1TB SSD for gaming?


To get the SSD for gaming, you deserve to usage among these SSDs below:

Samsung 970 EVO PlusWD Black SN750 NVMe SSDToshiba OCZ RD400 SSD

In our previous write-up - The Best SSD for Gaming 2020 - Pick up One Now, you can know many details of each SSD and here we won’t say much.

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Upgrade to 1TB Gaming SSD via Disk Cloning Software

After understanding the answer to “is 1TB SSD enough for gaming” and also purchasing your gaming SSD, now it’s time to percreate the disk upgrade so that you can carry every little thing consisting of Windows operating device, files, photos, and so on to the SSD and install even more games for better gaming performance.

Well then, just how have the right to you upgrade the disk to an SSD? A item of Disk Cloning software application have to be used. Here we strongly recommend you to usage ShadowMaker.

It is not only a Windows backup software application however also SSD cloning software application. With its Clone Disk function, you have the right to easily transfer Windows device, regisattempt, settings, personal documents, files, games, and even more to your SSD.

The SSD will certainly be identical to the source disk. That is, you have the right to straight relocation the original tough drive with the new 1TB SSD for gaming and also boot the COMPUTER from SSD without doing any kind of various other points.

Now, click the following switch to downfill ShadowMaker Trial Edition (permits you to usage for complimentary within 30 days) and also then have actually an installation on your computer system. Next, start cloning.

Free Download

The complying with are how to upgrade to a 1TB SSD for gaming:

Step 1: Insert your SSD to your computer and let Windows recognize it.

Step 2: Run ShadowMaker Trial Edition by double-clicking it on your PC.

Step 3: Navigate to the Tools tab and then select Clone Disk from the interconfront to begin the cloning.


Step 4: In the pop-up home window, select the source disk and also taracquire disk by clicking the equivalent section. Here, the system disk have to be the resource drive and also SSD is the destination drive.

Tip 5: MiniDevice begins to clone the disk to your 1TB SSD. The cloning time depends on exactly how much information of the resource drive. Wait patiently until the cloning finishes.


Further reading:

In addition to ShadowMaker, MiniDevice supplies you one more SSD cloning software application – Partition Wizard. This software permits you to clone the entire disk to another difficult drive and also helps to only deliver the operating device to an SSD.

Here is a associated short article for you - Clone OS from HDD to SSD through 2 Powerful SSD Cloning Software and also you can recognize a lot information.

After the cloning procedure is completed, shut down your computer, remove the resource disk, and put the SSD to the original place. Then, you have the right to boot the COMPUTER from the brand-new SSD, install some games in Windows, and have a good gaming endure.

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Other Related Tips

When looking for the question “is 1TB SSD sufficient for gaming”, you may find there are some connected searcs, for example, is “1TB SSD sufficient for video editing”, “is 1TB SSD sufficient for Macbook Pro” and also “is 1TB SSD sufficient for music production”. Here, let’s check out the easy answers to them.

Is 1TB SSD enough for video editing?

Normally in editing and enhancing builds, you have the right to use a 256GB SSD for the system & software program and have a bigger HDD as well if you have the right to buy as a lot as you can afford.

Is 1TB SSD sufficient for Macbook Pro?

Apple offers the 13-inch MacBook Pro via 5 kinds of capacities consisting of 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB and 4TB while the 16-inch design comes via 512GB and 1/2/4/8 TB. For many of you, 256GB is not sufficient.

In our opinion, the 13-inch version for 512GB and also the 16-inch model via 1TB is a good choice. If feasible, you deserve to likewise bump up to 1TB and also 2TB respectively.

Is 1TB SSD sufficient for music production?

For music production, 1TB SSD is sufficient. At least, a 256GB SSD should be fine but you should be mindful of disk room monitoring.

Bottom Line

Are you looking for the answer to “how a lot SSD execute I need for gaming” or “is 1TB SSD enough for gaming”? After reading this post, you understand a 1TB SSD is great for gaming and also daily storage. Besides, some top 1TB gaming SSDs are also introduced to you. Just choose one and follow the above procedures to upgrade your disk to the SSD for a great gaming experience.

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On the various other hand, if you have any kind of suggestions for the gaming SSD or any questions as soon as utilizing MiniDevice ShadowMaker, don’t hesitate to tell us. Two ways are available: leaving a comment listed below or contacting .