How to add storage to lg phone


What need to you once Android phone shows with “Insufficient Storage Available” or has actually restricted area available? interior storage room of android? Now, tright here are 7 methods to help you rise internal storage space of android.

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Do you know how to boost Android internal space?

Recently, I constantly got a warning "insufficient storage available" on my android phone once trying to install a brand-new app on it. I was incredibly perplexed bereason I had plenty of storage left. And I kbrand-new that android just borders the installation of new application when we have less than 15 MB of storage staying.


In this situation, what have to we do? Can we deal with the "insufficient storage available" error message on android?

Now, this particular day, we are going to present 7 methods to help you rise phone storage.

Method 1. Use Memory Card to Increase Internal Storage Space of Android (Works Quickly)

Here, I think you will agree through me as soon as I say:

"It’s REALLY hard to spare some space of our memory card for the internal memory?"

Well, it transforms out, you have the right to perfectly usage memory card to boost storage area by turning to a expert partitioning tool as well as Link 2SD.

And, in today’s short article, I am going to display exactly how you deserve to conveniently and also properly increase android storage space by borrowing totally free room from memory card.

In general, world that properly rise android storage room via using memory card perform 3 things very well.

First, they prepare some crucial devices as follows:

Android phone should be rooted.Memory card reader.Excellent partition software application.Link2SD app mounted on the phone. This application allows Android phone to usage a part of the memory card as internal memory, so customers have the right to move some information and apps to the memory card.

Second, they partition SD card.

Finally, they use the SD card to acquire even more complimentary space.

Now, you might be wondering:

1. Why need to partition SD card and how?

2. How to increase internal storage area through SD card?

Next, we’ll present you all the answers in order.

Tip 1: Partition Memory Card


To usage a memory card as an inner memory, you have to partition this card because the Link2SD application needs a 2nd partition on memory card. And, it"s not working "out-of-the-box" as indigenous app2sd, you should root your gadget and produce a second partition on memory card.

See! MiniTool Partition Wizard is an excellent choice for users to partition memory card/SD.

The measures are:

Download and also install MiniTool Partition Wizard on computer system.

Free Download

Rerelocate memory card from phone, insert it in card reader, and affix it to computer system.

Launch the partition administration tool.

Right-click the memory card and select"Delete All Partitions."

This will delete all data saved on this card, so please ago up everything prior to doing this step. Here, you could be interested in this write-up Clone SD Card to COMPUTER for Transferring Documents or Making a Back-up.

Click memory card again and also select"Create Partition" from the left action panel.

Select the partition as primary and specify its file device and also dimension.


Then choose the unalsituated room and also click"Create" to develop an Ext2/3/4 main partition.


Now, you can ptestimonial 2 partitions (a FAT 32 as well as an Ext2 partition), and click"Apply" to perform all alters.


In fact, there is an alternate technique to make a partition on memory card. However before, this technique requires ClockwordMod. Therefore, if you don’t have CWM installed, you using the method provided above is a good choice. This approach works for both Stock ROM and also Custom ROM.


Backup all documents on memory card.Enter the recoexceptionally mode of phone.Select"Advanced," and then choose"Partition SD Card."Choose SD-ext dimension (if customers have a 2GB Memory Card, pick 512 MB; if users have actually a 4 GB Memory card, pick 1024 MB).Select"0 Swap."Wait for the process to finish, and then reboot the phone.

Tip 2: Increase Internal Memory by Link2SD

After partitioned memory card, you are able to usage its second Ext2/3/4 partition to rise the internal storage of android to keep more information and apps. To be honest, this is the easiest part of this entirety work-related, as you are going to need a few measures to acquire the totality stuff completed and also inserted on automation.

The procedures are:

Insert memory card ago to the Android.

Download and install the Link2SD app. This application needs root accessibility, so this trick would certainly just work-related if you have rooted phone.

Open Link2SD. Then it will ask for.ext partition that you created earlier. Select the Ex2 or Ex3 or Ex4 (customers provided in the time of partition), and then click OK.


The application will certainly then ask to reboot tool. So reboot.

After rebooting, launch the Link2SD application again. Now, click"Setting> Check the autolink" to instantly relocate apps upon installation.


If you currently have some apps, select"Create link" (be certain to examine the files: application, dalvic-cache, and also library files).

Check the memory, select"Storage Info" to see the present status of the internal memory.


Now, all job-related has actually been done, and you deserve to install as many apps as they want.

"I successfully boosted android storage space by borrowing complimentary space from SD card. And I’m hoping it have the right to assist you…" Click to tweet

See, with the assist of MiniTool Partition Wizard and Link2SD, we deserve to properly use some area of SD card to boost interior storage room of android. However, what have to we perform if tright here is no SD card? Or what should we perform if we don’t want usage Link 2SD? More solutions are displayed below.

Method 2. Delete Unwanted Apps and also Clean All the History and Cache

Sometimes, individuals deserve to uninstall some apps which they have no interemainder in utilizing to increase inner storage Android. If they later find they need these apps, they have the right to just downpack them again.

On the various other hand, also some apps individuals keep in their devices will take up even more room than they need. To be certain, as time goes by, eexceptionally app on users’ phone fills area with cached records. Now, they can clean app ache to release more totally free space to save even more data.

Now, following the below actions to boost phone memory:

Tip 1. Click "Settings > Storage."

Tip 2. View the total storage and various other valuable information regarded Storage such as Used space, System memory, Cached data, and Available space, and so on.

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Step 2: Click "Cached data." Then, a pop up will certainly display up saying "This will certainly clear cached information for all apps." At this time, individuals just tap "OK."


If you accidentally cleared cache on SD card storage for smartphone, you can attempt utilizing the Best Free Android Data Recoincredibly Software - MiniDevice Mobile Recoincredibly for Android Free 1.0 to recuperate cache deleted cache documents consisting of photos and also apps information.

Method 3. Use USB OTG Storage

Have you heard of USB OTG?

Technicians will recognize that they can plug in peripherals such as storage drives to add more space for their phone via the OTG cable.

USB On-The-Go, (USB OTG or OTG), enables USB devices such as taballows or smartphones to act as a organize, allowing various other USB tools, such as USB flash drives, digital camperiods, mice or key-boards, to be attached to them.


See the demo of just how to attach a USB storage drive to know more details about USB OTG.

Step 1. Connect a flash drive (or SD reader through card) to the full-dimension USB female end of the adapter.

Tip 2. Connect OTG cable to phone.

Step 3. Swipe down from the peak to present the notice drawer. (If your file manager immediately appears, you do not must this.)

Tip 4. Tap USB Drive.

Tip 5. Now, you have the right to copy documents from the phone storage to the flash drive according to the adhering to steps.

Tap Internal Storage to see the documents on your phone.Select the file you"d like to share.Tap the 3 dots button.Select Copy.Navigate to USB drive, and also then tap Done

Method 4. Turn to Cloud Storage

Cloud storage deserve to assist to settle the "inadequate storage available" problem.

Well, it turns out more and even more individuals like to usage cloud storage to share their photos, videos and various other records to release even more totally free area on Android.


Now, Cloud storage apps such as Dropbox and SkyDrive allow users to share documents from their phone to the cloud and then accessibility them from their computer. And, when documents are common in the cloud, you deserve to cost-free up room by deleting them from their phones.

The only disadvantage of making use of cloud storage is that you will have the ability to accessibility those files just when they have actually an active internet link.

In this situation, have the right to we find a simpler and even more valuable way to rise android internal storage space?

Method 5. Use Terminal Emulator App

What have to we do if we do not want to install Link2SD app? Can we still borrow cost-free area from memory card to boost the internal storage area of android?

Of course, we can!

Terminal Emulator app can help us to add SD card’s totally free room to Android.


Memory card of course 4 or greater.Terminal Emulator app mounted on phone.

Now, how to boost interior storage?

Step 1.Partition memory card using making use of MiniTool Partition Wizard software application.

Hit “Play” to learn exactly how to partition SD card for Android:

Step 2. Download and install Terminal Emulator App on phone.

Tip 3. Launch the app.

Tip 4. Type"su" and also push enter.

Step 5.Type"a2sd xdata" and press"Enter".

Tip 6. As quickly as individuals form this command & press"Enter", the app will ask them whether to continue via the process or not. Here, type "y" and also press"Enter".

Tip 7. Now the application asks to reboot phone. Aget type"y" to rebegin the phone.


Thus, you have successfully enhanced internal storage space on Android, and you have the right to click "Menu>Settings>Storage" to inspect it.

If you desire to unexecute the process and also revert the phone earlier the way it was prior to, please form "su > a2sd noxinformation >y" commands (each kind ends with pressing on "Enter" key).

Method 6. Use INT2EXT

In fact, in enhancement to Link2SD and also Terminal Emulator, human being likewise have the right to usage part of room of memory card to increase inner storage area of Android by using INT2EXT. Steps are shown below:


INT2EXT4+ (for brand-new ROMs).INT2EXT+ (for older ROMs).


Tip 1. Downpack the INT2EXT4+ zip file on computer system to a certain folder, and remember not to extract it.

Step 2. Power off phone completely until it vibrates. Go into right into CWM recoextremely mode. In recoincredibly mode, you deserve to use volume secrets for navigation and power/residence button for selection.

Step 3. In the Advanced Menu home window, choose the "partition sdcard" choice.


Tip 4. Select the"ext size." This dimension should be less than memory card dimension. And, Select "swap size as Zero".

Step 5. The partitioning SD card procedure will certainly begin. Wait for a couple of minutes to finish it.

Tip 6. Select "++++go back++++ then" to enter the Mounts and Storage Menu window, and also select the"mount USB storage" option.


Tip 7. Now attach phone to PC and copy the downloaded INT2EXT4+ zip file as it is without extracting on SD card.

Tip 8. Aget go earlier and also navigate to the Mounts and also Storage Menu home window, and select the"mount/system" alternative.


Tip 9. Rerevolve back to the major menu and choose the"install zip" from "sdcard" alternative, then select"choose from sdcard." This will certainly show all the contents present on the memory card. Just navigate to the INT2EXT4+ zip file and also choose it to begin the installation procedure.

Now, rebegin their phone by navigating to the"reboot system now" choice located on the recoextremely mode itself, and also check out phone interior memory storage by means of clicking "Menu>Settings>Storage."

Method 7. Use Mounts2SD App

Last yet not leastern, below, we additionally desire to share another reliable approach to rise android interior storage.

Step 1.Download and install Mounts2SD application on phone.

Step 2. Launch the application and give Superuser perobjectives.

Tip 3. Click the"Connumber Busybox."


Tip 4. Be patient till it completes. A green colored tick note will confirm the completion. Then, click the"Install Script" option to obtain the complying with window.

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Tip 5. Click"Configure" and also tick all these options: Applications, Data, Dalvik Cache, and Cache.