How to change xbox controller to player 2

Contrasted via Keyboard and computer mouse, Xbox 360 controller offers you through a much more versatile and much better game playing suffer. You can use a wired or wireless Xbox 360 controller on COMPUTER. Sometimes, however, you could be troubled by various problems choose Xbox 360 controller not working, Xbox 360 controller stuck on player 2 PC, and so on.

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Once the Xbox controller stuck on player 2, you won’t have the ability to accessibility these in-game attributes that are just obtainable for player 1. After analyzing considerable user reports from communities and write-ups, we discover a number of troubleshooting methods as adheres to.

Equipment 1. Run Xbox 360 Controller Troubleshooter

Troubleshooter is a frequently supplied tool that deserve to assist detect and also resolve issues with Xbox 360 controller for Windows. If you enrespond to the Windows 10 Xbox controller player 2, attempt running this troubleshooter.

Tip 1. Type regulate in the search box and choose the Control Panel application from the Best match.



Step 2. Change the View by type to Category, and then scroll down to reach the Hardware and also Sound area and click on View Devices and also Printers.



Step 3. Find the Xbox 360 controller for Windows gadget, right-click it and select Troubleshoot from the pop-up food selection.

Tip 4. Wait for the operation to complete. This troubleshooter will automatically detect issues with Xbox 360 controller. If you receive the error message “Device might have actually quit responding”, readjust your Xbox controller to player 1.

If this technique can’t fix “Xbox 360 controller stuck on player 2 PC”, move on to the next options.

Solution 2. Reattach the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

In some instances, you have the right to solve “Xbox controller stuck on player 2 by rerelocating a details controller driver and reaffix the Xbox 360 controller. Now, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Open the Control Panel app and click View Devices and also Printers under the Hardware and Sound section.

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Tip 2. If you uncover tright here are Xbox 360 controllers for Windows and also Xbox 360 Wiremuch less controllers, right-click the former one and also choose Rerelocate device from the context food selection.

Step 3. Once you delete the Xbox 360 controller, disconnect the controller marked as Player 2.

Now, reattach your Xbox 360 controller and also see if the Xbox controller stuck on player 2 Windows 10.


Tip 3. Once your computer system reboots, automatically search for a connection through the controller so the 4 lights start blinking.

Step 4. When your COMPUTER starts up, check if the Xbox controller stuck on player 2 Windows 10.

As you understand, Microsoft will certainly release many Windows updates on a regular basis. These updays contain many type of new updated chauffeurs and also patches that might deal with the Windows 10 Xbox controller player 2 worry. Here you might have actually a shot.

Tip 1. Type inspect for update in the search box and also then choose the top result from the context food selection.

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Tip 2. In the Settings home window, click on the Check for update button on the appropriate pane.