How to check hdmi version on laptop

We use HDMI ports for connecting high-meaning gadgets to our computer systems, TVs, and so on But occasionally the HDMI port of your tool starts malfunctioning and we must inspect if the HDMI port is ok or not.

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Some problems that indicate that there could be any kind of trouble through the HDMI port of your device.

Lack of soundNo pictureBlurry displayBad resolutionDiscolorationIntermittent picture

If you are dealing with such worries then your HDMI port is not in excellent problem and also you have to relocation it, yet to be sure about the working of HDMI you need to look for some things.

This article will certainly guide you to examine the condition of the HDMI port of your lappeak.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Checking HDMI port of the Laptop

You can check your HDMI port making use of Microsoft windows gadget manager quickly, follow these steps

Open your lappeak and also click on the start button.Right-click on “Computer.”Select the “Properties” choice from the context menu.Click on the “Device Manager”.Look for your HDMI port in the list of ports under “Display Adapters”.If you deserve to not check out your HDMI port in this list then your HDMI port might fail or you have to relocation it.You can view a dialogue box now, look for the condition of HDMI in that dialogue box.If the dialogue box states “The device is working properly” then your port is great and is likewise in functioning problem, however if you obtain a message of troubleshooting that suggests the port is in working problem however tright here is some difficulty, and if you watch a message “failed” then you have to rearea the HDMI port.

HDMI Not Working On My Laptop | What To Do

There are a number of means to solve your HDMI of your laptop, some of them are l below

Configure Computer’s screen settings: If the screen settings of your lappeak are not effectively set then you can challenge difficulties through HDMI.

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There are many kind of choices in display screen settings, you have to choose according to yourself. Choose “COMPUTER Screen Only” if you desire to display screen content on the 1st computer screen.

If you desire to duplicate the display screen then choose the “Duplicate” alternative, and to extend the content between 2 or more screens then pick the “Extended” alternative, and to screen content on the second display screen choose “2nd display only”.