How to clear unity cache

In the last few weeks i noticed that the LOCAL DISK (C) cost-free room is decreasing progressively ,after searching inside the APPDATA folder I realized that the trouble is the cache folder, which is 9.95 GB.

If i delete it, will certainly that impact negatively on the editor??? this just how it looks like:



It’s fine to delete it. Next off time you switch your task to a various platform it will certainly take a small much longer.

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BRX99_GS · Oct 26, 2020 at 09:31 AM 0

I just looked at mine, ouch. Time to clean it out, I intend.



BRX99_GS You can open Editor and also go to the following route :-

After cleaning the cache, YOU"LL HAVE TO BAKE LIGHTING AGAIN.

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