How to exit discord full screen

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Hello,A while ago, made a decision that it have to be in Full-Screen (taskbar not visible anymore) and also I cannot figure out just how to unexecute this. I tried F11 and also Alt-Go into, but nopoint seems to work-related.Can anyone assist me with this annoyance please? Thank you very much in breakthrough.Anna

Install wmctrl if you do not have it.Then pausage the music and also run "wmctrl -r -b toggle,fullscreen" while is running.

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In my case, wmctrl resolved. However, you have to provide it the name of the window you desire to toggle fullscreen. You deserve to watch the name of the display screen by using:wmctrl -lIn my case, it noted as "Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird". Then I did:wmctrl -r "Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird" -b toggle,fullscreenAnd it addressed it.

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Hi, I"m stuck in complete display screen also. I usage Windows 7. When I click the "View" dropdvery own as pointed out over, I don"t even have a "full screen" option on the list. I"ve never had this problem before, and it appears to have began about a week earlier. Any suggestions? Thanks!
This happens on MAC OS Lion continually. The software program is a little bit buggy and this variation of MAC OS is especially frustrating.Only valuable tip I have actually found is to press Cmd + Shift + F to toggle in and also out of full screen mode. Keep in mind that this is different and even more manageable than pressing F11 to toggle full display screen mode.
Did you ever uncover out how to obtain out of Full Screen mode? I see the user that argued hot tricks to acquire in and also out for Mac, yet what about Windows 7??
Tbelow are some arcane crucial combinations for this and I think you deserve to asauthorize your own in Success 7 yet it"s so much easier to double-click the top of the application screen

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