How to figure out which mod is crashing fallout 4

I newly started playing Fallout 4 aobtain and downloaded a couple of mods to play and improve the boring vanilla endure. I downloaded a couple of of the the majority of widespread weapon and usability mods and also began playing. After about 4 hrs of playing without any type of troubles, I began crashing.

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Since they began, they occur all over from 5 minutes to 90 minutes from startup and I have actually no means of predicting as soon as it will happen. Also, it happens whether I am recording utilizing PlaysTV or not. Locations can differ from Sanctuary Hills to Lexington and any random areas in in between.  It simply instantly boots me to the desktop, no warning, no freezing, no nothing. I can type of counter this by Quickconserving every few minutes however I do not want to deal with the stress and anxiety of crashing when playing a game that"s SUPPOSED to be relaxing. 


After the first few cramelted I decided "Well, **** it, if I"m going to crash anymethod I might too download the rest of the mods I want." So I did.

I got FO4 SE, a couple Char Presets, and some even more weapon mods. I have not downloaded ANY mods that involve hefty scripting or modifying of environment, pursuits, or scripts.

I did NOT downpack any kind of mods that required SE or any other mod to function without downloading and install required mods beforehand.

My mods are like 95% additional weapons and also value tweaks.

Keep in mind I have actually NOT experienced in increase in frequency in crashes after getting the remainder of the mods.


Is there any kind of regimen or troubleshooting algorithm to determine which mod is causing me to crash? Is it because of conflicting mods? It shouldn"t be given that they do not seem to happen when I craft or usage any type of specific weapon.

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I have actually attached my Load Order listed below. I apologize as it is in Notepad and also I recognize tright here is some kind of stigma versus civilization that use it. It works for me though, and I have successfully edited some records without troubles so it works for me.




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Looked at your fill order, I have the right to tell you right currently the a lot of logical reason you"re crashing is bereason you have no baburned or merged patch file.


Also, make certain EVERY mod you have actually installed does NOT need any kind of of the DLC"s as I did not watch them listed in your load order.


Follow my overview STEP by STEP and also it should work out any problems you"re having actually.

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Also you have to note, if you rerelocated any mods during this play with then you the majority of likely have actually broken your conserves. That"s the #1 ascendancy to modding, never before rerelocate a mod unless you are starting a new character.