How to find out which mod is crashing sims 4

Some players are having concerns through their games crashing after the latest Sims 4 update. Here’s what to do.

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The current update to The Sims 4 base game, ahead of the Snowy Escape growth pack, is leading to a couple of problems for players on both COMPUTER and console.

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Updays of this nature have the tendency to be disruptive to mods and also vanilla games and also this one was no different. This is why it is constantly a good concept to back up your papers prior to you upday your game.

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Most mods have been updated currently, but even players that do not have actually CC or mods have reported that they are suffering concerns through their games crashing after the November 2020 patch.

Sims 4 team working on crashing issues after November update

The worry was recognized by Sim Guru Nick on Wednesday. He wrote on Twitter:

Hi Simmers, I just wanted to acexpertise the excessive crashing that’s happening for many human being, our team is investigating. bug report thread (examine the first post), please share your own experiences and conserve records, thanks so much!

Note that the attach above is for PC reports. Check the initially short article though, and there are links accessible to threads for various other platforms. We recognize PS4 players are crashing a lot and we could really usage your save documents. Sorry for the trouble and many thanks for the assist