How to fix fallout 4 resolution

Fallout 4 has actually been the most famous game in the Fallout franchise. Even after 4 years of its release, the game is still actively played. Over the years Fallout 4 has actually been recognized to have many type of errors and also bugs. The Fallout 4 resolution bug has actually stayed unaddressed till date. Here I have pointed out exactly how you have the right to deal with this bug.

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Also, if your mouse is lagging while playing Fallout 4, then you have to inspect out this short article to learn just how to fix it.

How To Fix Fallout 4 Resolution Bug?

Fallout 4 doesn’t enable customers to change the resolution of the game from in-game settings. Rather it immediately detects the optimal resolution of the monitor and also changes the game’s resolution accordingly.

That’s when it gets the resolution right! Many type of individuals have actually complained that the resolution collection by Fallout 4 is either also brief or too large.

Fortunately, tright here are means to change the resolution of Fallout 4. Below I have questioned how to obtain Fallout 4 resolution fixed on Windows 10.

How To Change Fallout 4 Resolution?

The Fallout 4 resolution bug could be quickly resolved by setting a practice resolution. You have probably currently tried to set a Fallout 4 practice resolution from in-game and also have actually faicaused find any kind of option for it. As discussed above, Fallout 4 immediately sets the resolution of the game. So, exactly how to change Fallout 4 resolution?

Tright here are two techniques that you have the right to usage to adjust the Fallout 4 resolution. The initially method is using the Fallout 4 Options food selection from the Fallout 4 Launcher. And the other method is to edit the Fallout4Prefs.ini file. Try both the methods and view which one functions best.

How To Change Fallout 4 Resolution Using Launcher?

You currently know that to start Fallout 4, the Fallout 4 launcher hregarding be started initially. After opening the Fallout 4 launcher, individuals can begin the game or open up the Fallout 4 Options menu. In the Fallout 4 Options menu, you have the right to adjust the Aspect Ratio, resolution, and also various other graphics-connected settings. You will certainly likewise find choices to either switch to Windowed Mode or Borderless from this dialogue.

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To modify the resolution and aspect proportion, sindicate click on the drop-down food selection next to these options and then pick the appropriate settings. Now, click on OK to conserve the transforms and also restart the Fallout 4 launcher. Start the game from the launcher and also examine whether the game is working via the correct resolution and also aspect proportion.

There is a opportunity that you will certainly not discover your monitor’s correct element proportion and also resolution in the Fallout 4 Options, or the changed settings might not reflect in the actual game. If this happens, then you will certainly need to edit the Fallout4Prefs.ini file.

How To Change Fallout 4 Resolution By Editing Preferrals File?

If the Fallout 4 Options don’t job-related, you will have to manually input the resolution in the preferences file. To do this you will certainly need to modify the Fallout4Prefs.ini file. You have to be very mindful while you perform it in case you make a mistake, that have the right to result in a complete game crash.

Read the actions pointed out below carefully before executing it:

First, cshed Fallout 4.Navigate to the Fallout 4 choices folder that is primarily located in the adhering to location:My ComputerDocumentsMy GamesFallout4


After you have actually opened the choices folder, locate the Fallout4Prefs.ini file. Once you have actually situated it, double-click it.The file should open up in the Notepad. You will certainly find codes composed in the file.


Find the complying with lines in the code and adjust it as mentioned below (without the quotation) to open up the game in complete screen:“bFull Screen=” to “bFull Screen=1”To readjust the resolution, readjust the adhering to lines:“iSize H=” to “iSize H= 720”, 720 is the height of the display screen. Replace it through the height of your monitor.“iSize W=” to “iSize W=1360”, 1360 is the width of the display screen. Rearea it with the width of your monitor.Click on the File tab and choose the Save option.Close the Notepad and also start the Fallout 4 game.

After the game starts, you have to uncover the Fallout 4 resolution fixed on your PC.

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Wrapping Up

So, tbelow you have actually it. Now you know how to settle the Fallout 4 resolution bug on Windows 10. Remember to take extreme caution while modifying the Fallout4Prefs.ini file. Change the elevation and also width to what your monitor has actually, the precise numbers pointed out above is for a monitor through 1360×720 resolution. If you have any type of various other inquiries concerned this post, ask them in the comment section below.