How to get more storage on xbox 360

While the Xbox 360 has actually long sustained including external storage tools, it has actually only freshly acquired the ability to add large capacity devices via up to 2 TB of storage. And that has motivated me to upgrade the storage in my very own 360. Here’s what you should recognize.

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First, you may not need more storage. If you’ve had your Xbox 360 for a while, as I have, you most likely have actually the majority of junk on its internal (or bundled) storage. So take the moment to remove the stuff you never before use, specifically games, which can take up many gigabytes of room. To do so, navigate to System, Storage and then the correct gadget (Hard Drive on my 360, a 250 GB unit). Then choose a product category (Games and also Apps, for example) and check out what’s in tbelow. And then delete space-hogging games and other content you never before access anyeven more.


Adding storage? You need USB storage. The Xbox 360 has 3 USB 2.0 ports—sorry, they’re not USB 3.0—through 2 on the front hidden under a tiny door and also one on the earlier. You deserve to plug USB storage—flash drives and/or difficult drives—into any type of or all of these ports if you want. For my very own upgrade, I bought a 1 TB WD external tough drive. (It was actually designed for the Mac, yet for whatever reason was cheaper—just $65—than the Windows tantamount on that day. You can format it via the Xbox 360 device software program, so no issues on the formatting.)


Access the brand-new storage gadget. To accessibility the storage tools on your consingle, navigate to System, Storage. You must see the new gadget in your list of storage devices.


Connumber device alternatives.

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Tap the (A) button on the controller to accessibility the storage device’s alternatives, which incorporate Rename, Format (which I essential to usage for the Mac difficult drive), Clear System Cache, and Transfer Content.


Transfer every one of the content from one storage gadget to an additional. If you desire to relocation one storage device through another—for instance, perhaps you were using a 32 GB USB flash drive prior to and also have upgraded to a bigger tough drive as I have—you have the right to perform so rather easily. Just navigate into the Device Options screen for that tool and also select Transfer Content. You’ll be prompted to pick a Destination tool, e.g. the brand-new tough drive or other storage device. Then, choose Start. (Or modify the list of what is going to be moved if you’d like.)


Transfer a game or various other content to a brand-new storage tool. You deserve to deliver an individual large game, video or various other content to a various storage tool. To execute so, navigate into Setups, System, Storage and also then the storage device that includes that game or various other content. Then, dive right into the correct content category (Gamings and Apps, Videos, or whatever) and find the content you wish to relocate. Select the item and also then tap (Y) for Game Options, and also then select Move and also pick a destination tool. Additionally, you deserve to choose the game and also then pick which game content to move.


Save brand-new content to the brand-new storage tool.

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Unfortunately, Xbox 360 doesn’t let you pick a default storage device—that would certainly be also apparent, I guess—but you have the right to at leastern choose where to downpack new content at the moment of the downfill … however only if your inner storage is also complete. Otherwise, you’ll have to move content around after it’s been downloaded. Hopetotally this alters later.