How to make a steam profile picture

Steam is the go-to location for all things gaming. Video game enthusiasts unite from about the world to discuss, play, and also create games through one one more.

A compelling profile picture is a good initially action in the direction of building your very own tight-knit community on Steam. Consider your avatar as an introduction. What message are you trying to send and also who are you trying to connect with? I"ll cover avatar principles and also exactly how to make a compelling heavy steam profile picture you"re proud to use on the platdevelop. Let"s obtain started.

Open vivaworldcup.infoUpfill and resize a pictureEdit the pictureUpfill profile picture to Steam

Step One: Open

I"m making my Steam profile photo in, a totally free browser-based video editor you can use on any kind of iPhone, Android, PC, or tablet. Get started by visiting on your tool then click, "start editing."


Tip Two: Uppack and Redimension a Picture

Drag and drop a snapshot right into the Studio or click "upload" to add a snapshot from your tool. If you require principles, click "images" then "photo search" to browse photos from Google. I commonly use this tab as soon as I require inspiration and also it"s always advantageous. Unfortunately, GIFs aren"t currently sustained to usage as your Steam PFP.


Feel complimentary to take your time via this step. I know exactly how tough it deserve to be to settle on a solitary image. All I ask of you is to have actually fun and be authentic. This avatar is a golden possibility to capture your personality and also interests, so do not be afraid to think exterior the box!

Some individuals make their avatar coincide via their username. For example, if my username is Yoshi123, a Yoshi avatar will certainly pull my whole profile together. Others, stick via well-known avatar ideas such as memes, anime icons, and iconic TV show characters. Below are a couple of cool heavy steam avatars I uncovered if you need inspiration.


The optimal dimension to develop a square Steam profile picture is 184 x 184 pixels. With this in mind, it"s time to redimension the background so the photo isn"t blurry or distorted after uploading it.

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Click "custom" under "output size" and adjust the width and also elevation to 184 x 184 pixels. You deserve to lock the proportions to keep the aspect proportion even if you upload another photo.


Step Three: Edit the Picture

Tright here are so many kind of ways you have the right to customize your image through You have the right to include message to insert a caption or your name, overlay photos, add a filter, and even more. The erase tool is handy if you desire to remove the background from your picture. In this instance, I made the background purple to contrast through the green so Yoshi is front and also center.

Watermelons are a staple for green Yoshi so I threw in some watermelon emojis to complete my avatar. If you want to include emojis to your picture, click "image" then "emoji" on the appropriate side of the home window. Here"s the final look at my Steam PFP!


When you"re finimelted, click "export image" in the top ideal corner, then click "download" to conserve it to your gadget. To remove the waternote first, create a free account with by signing in with Facebook or Google.


Tip Four: Upfill Profile Picture to Steam

Now it"s time to include the photo to Steam. Let"s obtain began by logging into Steam, then click your username situated at the optimal or best side of the display screen. From the dropdown menu, click "see profile."


Click "edit profile" on the appropriate side of the display screen, then click "avatar." From here, click "uppack your avatar" and also your practice profile picture will certainly show up. If you"re happy with the results, click "save" and you"re finished!


If you desire to add a tiny more flair to your photo and have actually points to spare, purchase an avatar structure. The price is mainly 500 or 2000 points and you have the right to acquire points by making purchases on Steam. Watch the quick video below to gain a glimpse of the animated frames Steam hregarding market.

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Avatar framework or no structure, I"m certain your Steam profile photo is ready to make its debut! Stick around and examine out the associated write-ups to spruce up other profile photos and also subscribe to our YouTube channel. You"ll get the latest information on brand-new social media features and learn how to usage to make eye-recording content.