How to make fallout 4 load faster

Time is linked to fps in fallout 4's engine. When you try lock-picking via incredibly high fps (600+, in the mini games the fps obtain a tremendous boost) the hands and the bobby pin move super rapid to the extent that its can gain quite tough to acquire through it. There appears to be a crucial waiting time to check out tool tips or something that calls for more time to pass in the loading time, so as soon as you remove Vsync that caps your fps at 60, offering that you have actually a decent pc the loading time will certainly really boost. In my case, a loading that use to take 12-15 sec in average now takes badepend 1 sec.

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edit: As pointed out by /u/DarkZyth. If you execute this with a monitor that has a refresh price lower than 120hz you might experience some unpleasant display tearing.


I hope this isn't as well late, but I stumbled upon this mod on and also it has actually conveniently cut my pack times in fifty percent. It basically unlocks the frameprice in the time of the loading display screens, while keeping it capped at 60 (vsync on) while in game.

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wow that's so close from the thcheck out lock. Nice mod. I was hoping they would do somepoint like that when I played the initially time. many thanks brah

Indeed. But I had vsync + tripple buffering on which was excellent for computer mouse lag and really convenient because you could still perform mini games choose lockpicking at the intfinished rate. But the loading times :/

That causes the terminal glitch for me. I can't leave a terminal if I have actually more than around 90fps. I need to rotate my monitor's refresh rate from 144 to 60 and vsynch on to solve this.

Spam your pipboy when exiting that terminal and also it will certainly 9/10 times it will open the pipboy and also you have the right to just leave it and also you won't be stuck

So your saying take off v-sync so regarding remove the FPS cap however doesn't that break the games physics engine? I heard anything over 60 FPS accelerates the games physics, so it's not an excellent principle to begin via.

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Well, I understand your concern, I addressed that concern in the post's comment. Overall it doesn't break anything, the game is much smoother as you would suppose it to be through a lot greater fps (No require for numbers, its not the point here). From experience, the just downside is during the the lockpick mini-game, the fps (might, depending upon your hardware) acquire really high and any type of action you make is made "super fast" on the display screen which can be a little tedious. But not just is it doable, yet you can also change the vsync once u are in such a mini game. Personally I can't be bothered and I leave it as it is, and considering all the bobby-pins and also the potential conserve scumming its not an concern. I played with triple buffering+ vsync to obtain the performance feeling of the initially and also still have the ability to rock the lock picking with the latter however the loading times are even more or much less 95% much longer, its simply ridiculous.