How to make skyrim full screen pc

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When i start the game with the launcher, i made certain it"s 1080p and also the windowed box is unticked. No issue what i execute, i"ve tried changing the skyrimprefs.ini to fulldisplay screen, nopoint, it simply neglect the settings i"ve chaanged.The game launches in a small home window in the peak left of the display, no departure or minimize buttons, just blank windowed.Also cannot alt+enter.Im really perplexed, I cannot play the game no issue what, I"ve been trying for nearly a week.Any assist is appreciated !(Here"s a pic)

does your monitor supports 1080p fullscreen?check out available reremedies in graphic adapter settings (nvidia manage panel/amd radeon settings)

Yes, it does. My rig is fine, i play all games in 1080p fullscreen.I simply have a problem with skyrim for some odd factor.I tried reinstalling it so many times i can not even count, so maybe it"s somepoint in my computer"s settings that"s denying the game from going fulldisplay (although i checked the firewall, i included the game manually).

ideal click game shortcut and selct properties, under shortreduced tab click run and pick run in maximized window
Tried, through administrator.Tried all dpi stuff, disable complete display screen optimization, compatibility mode, edited skyrimprefs.ini, tried forcing it fulldisplay via Nvidia Control Panel, nopoint works. It simply refoffers to go fullscreen no issue what.

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