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A lengthy time ago a viewer on Youtube asked me to perform a video on how to install SkyUI. At the moment I didn’t really think tright here would be many type of human being out tbelow trying to find this, rather that they would certainly look for a overview on exactly how to install Skyrim mods in basic. So I did the video just with him in mind, yet later it turns out tbelow are simply as many kind of human being in search of this guide, as well as the general one (which are the very same by the way), for this reason this web page below. So whether you were searching for this guide, or the basic modding guide (no difference), I’ve made sure to cover all bases.

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Summary to Modding Skyrim

The procedure is the same for Skyrim LE (Legendary Edition) & Skyrim SE (Special Edition), the just distinction is the version of the mods that you’re downloading and install (and SKSE, Skyrim Script Extender).

So if you’re playing on Skyrim LE, use this to obtain your mods. And this one for Skyrim SE.

I personally recommfinish Skyrim SE as a result of enhanced stcapability, 64little bit engine and also primarily much better performance and much less crashes (incredibly vital if you have many demanding mods).

Some mods work-related in between the editions (textures are constantly fine but not meshes) but generally you desire to stick to the one you’re using. And don’t go crazy via as well many kind of mods or the game could not also start if you have a lot of conflicts.

To acquire began, make sure you’ve got 7zip & NexusMods account.

Install MO2 (Mod Organizer 2)

The initially point you require is a robust mod management energy. I usage Mod Organizer 2. Tright here are other ones out tright here, yet this one is the finest, at leastern in my (and also many type of other people’s) opinion.

When installing MO2, at the bottom of the options make sure to examine the handle Nexus links box and also then later when you begin it up, enter your Nexus account indevelopment. You will certainly have the ability to downpack mods straight right into it.

I’m not going to give you comprehensive tutorials on how to usage MO2 bereason that would make this guide way also long, however when you initially start it, it will sell to teach you the basics so make certain you go through that beginner tutorial that’s built into it.

Make sure your Skyrim root folder is amethod from your Windows drive (not 100% forced but extremely recommended) and also install MO2 as portable in a brand-new folder you create inside the root one. Some human being say you shouldn’t carry out it favor that, but it’s 100% fine as lengthy as there are no permission issues via Windows. I use portable option because I have multiple instances. But you don’t have to usage portable of course.

MO2 have the right to also be used to mod various other games such as Fallout.

Install SKSE or SKSE64 (Skyrim Script Extender)

The next thing that you need is the Skyrim Script Extender. Download the correct 7z archive for your variation of Skyrim. Downpack and also extract almost everywhere on your machine. If you’re playing on LE then obtain the initially one. On SE go via the SE build of SKSE. It won’t job-related otherwise.

Copy all extracted papers to your Skyrim’s root folder. Almethods save this updated or the mods won’t work if they need a more recent variation. Simply re-downpack and also overcompose when there’s a brand-new version.

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However, if a mod that you really prefer hasn’t been updated to job-related via the newer variation of SKSE, then you can desire to wait till it’s updated so put that off temporarily. But generally you constantly desire to store it updated.

Now that you have SKSE, in MO2 you will certainly watch a dropdown that states SKSE and also this is a shortcut that will certainly start an instanced variation of the game via SKSE enabled, which many mods call for.

Feel complimentary to send the shortcut to your desktop computer. You deserve to rename it and also also adjust the symbol by appropriate clicking on it > readjust icon then choose the executable from the root folder simply for its graphic. I show every one of this in the video above.

You are all set to install mods now.

Essential Mods & SkyUI

Acomponent from SkyUI, the initially mod that you have to install is the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch. The second one is SSE Engine Fixes (this one has actually 2 step process).

These two mods will certainly greatly improve the game and they are basically must-have.

Now likewise install Sky UI (SE link) and also browse some more well-known mods on Nexus or take a look at my Skyrim SE Mods playlist on Youtube wright here I showcase all kinds of cool stuff.

SkyUI is important likewise because it provides MCM menu capabilities for other mods to use. Those are basically mod configuration menus you watch in game.

When installing mods, always read the descriptions carefully, check the bugs & posts location to make sure it’s all good and also updated, and also feasible tips and tricks various other people recommend.

As I shelp, don’t go as well crazy with it, especially as a beginner and also also learn exactly how to patch the game once you’re done installing all your favorite mods.

This should be sufficient for you for now. I did my best not to overwhelm you.

If you have actually any type of concerns or you simply want to say hi, feel complimentary to leave me a comment either here at the bottom of the page, or in the comment’s area of the video embedded at the peak.

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I’ll check out it and also reply 100%. Good luck!

What’s Next?

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