How to move league of legends to second monitor

Learning just how to relocate a full-display game to a 2nd monitor makes your gaming experience extremely enjoyable. Suppose you are an avid gamer and also love to play while functioning on multiple documents at the very same time. Then you will uncover using 2 monitors advantageous.

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In this short article, there are a couple of methods discussed that might aid you on just how to move a fulldisplay screen game to a 2nd monitor, so it becomes much easier for you to play games and also perform something else.

Follow methods below to see measures on relocating a full-display screen game to the second monitor

How to relocate a Full-Display Video Game to the Second Monitor?

1. Switch to Projector Mode

This method is among the easiest. We are going to change the display to the COMPUTER display only option on the desktop computer.

Connect the second monitor to your PC, and launch the game you wish to play.Next off, navigate to your desktop computer screen, and hit Windows and P tricks together.A few choices will certainly screen, choose the  COMPUTER display only alternative.Finally, your major display will go blank, yet the game will certainly continue to run on the second monitor.

If you wish to go back to your major display mode, all you need to execute is reexecute the above measures.

2. Set the Second Monitor as a Key Monitor

First, you will certainly plug the second monitor you will certainly be utilizing on your computer.Next, navigate to the home windows food selection by hitting the home windows crucial. Amongst the changed search results, you will certainly view the Display Setups icon. Click on it to open a new window.Select the Identify button to check out just how the screens are numbered.Click the Identify button to observe just how the monitors are numbered and choose the monitor you desire the game to display screen on.Click on it once you watch it. A checkbox will certainly appear labeled Make this my primary display screen.Make certain to click on the checkbox to finish the procedure.

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How to Move your Mousage to the Second/Main Monitor

When you are done with how to relocate a fulldisplay game to a second monitor, follow these brief actions to make your mouse helpful in the second monitor.


Encertain that the second monitor is still plugged in.Next, move the cursor in the direction of the direction of the gaming display until it pops right into the monitor.When that is done, the cursor will disshow up from the secondary and also just display the major gaming screen.

Moving Full-Display Game to the 2nd Monitor

After establishing the second monitor as a major monitor, the following activity to take is to relocate the game to the major monitor

 Launch the wanted game you wish to play and minimize it.Use your computer mouse cursor to drag the game from the initially monitor down to the second/major monitor.

Hopefully, the remedies discussed in this overview are really clear to you. Feel totally free to leave suggestions in the comment area.

By Kevin Arrows January 9, 2021
2 minutes read

Kevin Arrows

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How to Move a Full-Screen Game to a Second Monitor

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