How to play music on paltalk windows 10

1)Select "setup preferences" from the "file" menu on the primary pal list home window. A home window will certainly pop up. Now pick "Audio Tests" from the left hand also pane of the setup and also preferences home window.

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This area allows you put up and also test your audio settings.2)The "Microphone Test" location is where you deserve to test your audio inputs and also collection their level. You have the right to choose any kind of audio device below.

Your microphone is set as the default input for Paltalk however you can choose any audio gadget by clicking on the blue "Input Mixer Settings" link

1) I dont have Audio Test but Audio Setup on paltalk in preferences

2) I deserve to see the blue Input Mixer, but it does not have actually the alternative to usage CD as a input gadget, just microphones and also lines

What to execute please?

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Mouneshwar R
Replied on October 29, 2010

Hi George,

The choice “CD audio” input is called CD Player choice in Windows Vista and Windows 7 which is accessible under Speaker properties.

But before you adjust the level of the CD Player, you must enable Stereo Mix under the Sound choice.

Tip 1: To enable Stereo mix and make it as default audio device

a.Right click on Speaker icon and also click on Properties.

b.Switch to recording tab.

c.Right click Microphone and select “Sjust how disabled devices”

d.If you view CD Player option, choose it as the default audio device and also conserve the transforms by clicking use.

e.Else, pick Stereo mix and also click enable.

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f.Set Stereo mix as default audio tool.

Step 2: Set the level for CD Player under Speaker properties

a.Right click on Speaker icon and click on Properties.

b.Switch to Playback tab.

c.Right click Speakers and click properties.

d.Switch to level tab and also permit just CD Player.

e.Click on apply to save changes.

Now you need to have the ability to play CD directly making use of Paltalk.

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Hope this information is helpful and let me recognize if you require any further assistance.

Mouneshbattle R – Support