How to remove all mods from fallout 4

I supplied Nexus Mod Manager to install the mods I use in Fallout 4. Several of the mods would cause the game to crash in some locations, and also I'm not specific which ones. Does anybody have any issues just uninstalling the game and reinstalling? I seem to have actually that difficulty eextremely time. I'm involved that I might have actually overwritten some points over time, and also I'd prefer to just start over rather of simply disabling a mod in NMM. What's the best method to execute so?


Uninstall NMM, delete any type of leftover folders (it keeps an added copy of eincredibly mod, I think?), delete everything in your Fallout 4 folder, reinstall the game, then install MO2, take a couple of minutes to learn it, and also never need to go through trouble to "start fresh", just right click, uncheck all. (The exemption would be if your computer system dies and also you have to reinstall. A few minutes to learn the interface is much better than having actually to waste hours reinstalling the game.

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This is the best method to go irreversible. MO2 is pretty good. It renders it simple to tell what is non-mod content, and also itemizes conflicting loose records, among many various other attributes. I was a NMM user for a lengthy time, yet it's a night-and-day difference with MO(2).

Also, a good pointer for doing finish Steam re-installs (besides just utilizing a retail disc) is to copy the large documents that you know for sure are vanilla content. So, prefer the big *.ba2 archives presolved through "Fallout4 - ", Main/Textures archives for Far Harbor and Nuka-World, and so on That must save you many numerous GBs of downloading and install, and also all you have to execute is move a dozen or so documents to the side by hand, prior to you uninstall through Steam.

I agree with the folks saying Mod Organizer 2. Much much better experience than NMM, and it's means simpler to troubleshoot as soon as something starts going sideways.

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Issues uninstalling and also reinstalling? What carry out you mean? Like texture reareas continuing to be or something?

If you really desire a super-super-fresh start, you might uninstall, delete the Fallout 4 uni flies from your Documents folder, and also remove NMM and also it’s mod backups.

If you're beginning fresh I'd recommend additionally ditching NMM and also utilizing Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex. They each enable much simpler management of mods and are simply much better all around as they keep your mods and also actual game installation separate.

I concur with using MO2. You need to run a lot of utilities via it, but it's worth it. I offered to use NMM then switched to MO2 and never before looked back.

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To clean your game's install folder simply delete everything in the information folder except for game/DLC files, and go right into heavy steam and also verify the integrity of the game cache in case you do delete one of the game files.