How to remove all mods from nexus mod manager

Screenswarm of Skyrim via the Skyrim HD mod set up. Courtesy of Skyrim Nexus and NebuLa the mod writer and of course Bethesda.

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Mods deserve to significantly expand and also enhance your gaming experience. Gamings such as the Elder Scrolls games, Skyrim, Morrowind, Oblivion and as well as Fallout New Vegas,Fallout 3, Dragon age and also Mount and Blade have literally hundreds of mods that change, upday and boost practically eincredibly component of the game.

These mods have been composed by fans of the games themselves and making use of them, the games graphics can be upgraded using better resolution texture packs, game play deserve to be adjusted and also the game civilization itself have the right to be extfinished, enhanced and updated. In addition, mods have the right to add replaycapability with brand-new pursuits and landmasses and also allow you to play the game in methods the games authors could scarcely have actually imagined.


Screenshot of Skyrim via the Tamriel Reloaded - Textures and Parallax mod set up. Courtesy of Skyrim Nexus and 32cm the mod writer and also of course Bethesda.

Correctly installing and also configuring mods deserve to seem quite a difficult prospect. Uninstalling mods can be especially tricky, particularly if you have a huge number mounted.

Fortunately, Nexus Mod Manager permits you to:

Cleanly install and also uninstall modsManage set up mods consisting of producing a correct pack orderOrganise your mods so you recognize precisely what is installedInstall and downfill mods with one clickCheck all installed mods for updated versions automaticallyUse the constructed in download manager to conveniently download mods

Using mods you can:

Upday the games graphics and also soundImprove the user interfaceAdd new content such as land masses, monsters, classes, quests and much moreMake the game harder or easierFix the bugs that exist in the gameAdd content that was left out of the game or not completed

Mod Organizer: Mod Manager With Advanced Features

For civilization trying to find an progressed mod manager, Mod Organizer is a terrific option.

It provides many kind of features uneasily accessible in Nexus Mod Manager, including:

Mods are preserved isolated. Instead of being set up all together in the game folder, they are installed in their own folders to allow mods to be unset up conveniently and cleanlyProrecords deserve to be created which permits you to have actually multiple configuration files so that you have the right to experiment via settings safe in the expertise that you have another profile with the default settings to autumn back on. You can also have various mods running in different propapers. Mod Organizer can likewise filter conserved games based upon profileSaved games deserve to be cleaned if mods are rerelocated (otherwise saved games deserve to come to be unsteady or fail to load altogether)It have the right to advise which mods are being provided through which conserved gameMods that have actually not been correctly put together by the writer deserve to be cleanly set up to improve game stabilityMod Organizer will certainly alert you to any kind of mod disputes and permit you to settle them easily

Gamings Supported by Nexus Mod Manager

Nexus Mod Manager supports a wide selection of games.

It acts as a repository for about 160 gamesIt allows you to completely manage the mods for 17 games

Number of Mods Available for Games Supported by Nexus Mod Manager

Game TitleNumber of Mods





Fallout New Vegas


Fallout 3




Dragon Age


Mount & Blade


War Thunder


Dragon Era 2


Installing Nexus Mod Manager

First, download the executable file from The initial installation is very directly forward.

Once the set up is complete, Nexus Mod Manager will certainly sdeserve to all your tough drives for mounted versions of the games it supports. You have the right to view the list of the games it supports below:


Once it has actually completed the scan:

Select the green tick to confirm an installationPick the red cross if you perform not Nexus Mod Manager to look for that for certain gameIf Nexus Mod Manager did not detect a game installation it will show Not Found. if this is not correct, you can browse to the games location Once you have actually schosen at least one game, OK will certainly be selectable, click it to continue

Now we have evidenced which games are set up and also that we desire Nexus Mod Manager to manage out mods, we will receive an overview screen of the games we have actually selected.


Display showing the games obtainable and also allowing you to choose which game you would favor to manage using Nexus Mod Manager.

Now, pick the game you want to regulate and also press OK to confirm your selection or pick Resdeserve to Installed Games if you are not happy through them. If you carry out not desire to check out this screen aget, click Don’t ask me following timeFinally, we should confirm wright here you want your mods stored. If you currently have actually mods downloaded from another website, navigate to that folder, otherwise sindicate accept the defaults by clicking Finish


If you are making use of Nexus Mod Manager to regulate your Skyrim mods and have not yet launched Skyrim, you will receive the below warning.


Click OK and also run the Skyrim to clear the error.

If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, you might get the following error as well.

Fixing the Windows Vista or Windows 7 Error Message

Right click on the Nexus Mod Manager executable on the Start menuNavigate to the Compatibility tabSelect Run this Program as an AdministratorClick Apply and OK and also rerun Nexus Mod Manager
Click Yes on the listed below dialogue box so that your mods are sorted right into categories (even more on this soon)

The initially step once you have the User Interface open up is to log into the Nexus website so that you can download and also upday mods should a brand-new variation be easily accessible. To log on

Click the symbol in the bottom left of the display screen (it will be oselection to illustrate that you are not logged on (check out the number listed below to situate the icon)

Once you have actually logged in, the icon that was orange will currently come to be green and also you are prepared to download mods for your chosen game.

Now that you are logged right into Nexus Mod Manager, you are all set to downfill and also update the mods for your chosen game.

Using Nexus Mod Manager to Downfill, Install and also Uninstall mods

Now the application is completely configured we deserve to begin to add some mods to our games. You deserve to see the categories listed below, all via zeros as we have actually no mods presently downloaded.

Tright here are 3 ways of including mods, The initially 2 are portrayed below and deserve to be done within Nexus Mod Manager:

The initially is to Add Mod from File You deserve to additionally Add Mod from URL (useful for a mod that is not hosupplied on the Nexus website)

The 3rd approach is from the Nexus webwebsite itself. To highlight this, I have favored a mod to install, Skyrim HD - 2K Textures from the Skyrim Nexus website. When using Nexus’s website, simply:

click the Files tabchoose the green Downpack through Manager switch as shown listed below (you deserve to view this in the bottom left edge of the screen)
Choosing a mod to install from the Nexus website.

You deserve to check out the mod downloading and install at the bottom left of the application.

Nexus Mod Manager's Download Manager downloading and install a mod.

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You will currently see that the Classification Models and textures has a 1 rather than a 0.If we expand also the folder we deserve to check out our new mod.

On the ideal hand side, you have the right to watch the mods instruction file. Scroll dvery own and check the installation instructions. You have to check out this prior to proceeding to make sure that it doesn't require various other mods to run correctly.

This mod hasn't got any type of unique instructions so we have the right to install it without taking any type of even more action.

Note: Nexus Mod Manager will take care of copying any kind of papers, you just must check for mods it might call for or any kind of mods it will conflict with.

To install the mod, pick it and click the Activates the Selected Mod buttonShould the mod be lacking a prerequisite mod (or mods), you will certainly obtain a warning equivalent to the listed below. Downpack and install the absent mod and then click Install.
Nexus Mod Manager will display you the installation progression in the bottom ideal hand pane (the Mod Activation Queue pane)You deserve to usage this pane to queue multiple mods to install one after the other fairly than having actually to install them one at a timeIn addition you deserve to remove queued or triggered mods either one at a time or all at once

This is advising you that mod is going to overcreate some files in your installation.

The finest method to method installing mods is to work through general texture replacers first.

So for example:

First, I downpack a mod that reareas all textures such as Skyrim HD - 2K TexturesThen, I will certainly replace textures for more specific parts of the game such as houses, trees and so on to even more enhance their appearanceEach time, I overwrite all filesThis means, I am completely mindful of what I am overcreating and also even more importantly I know specifically what my game will look likeFor that reason, it is incredibly important to decide which mods you are going to use prior to beginning to install them

As we are replacing all textures through new high resolution ones, I will certainly select Yes to all.

Using Nexus Mod Manager to Automatically Check Your Mods for Updated Versions

Now we obtain to use among the many advantageous features that Nexus Mod Manager deserve to help us through. You have the right to check out from the display screen swarm that we are running version 1.5 of this mod and tright here is a new version (1.6) accessible.

Tbelow are two means to upday your mod.

The initially is to select the Checks for new Mod Versions buttonThe second is to click the attach in the Latest Version column for that mod.

Once you have actually downloaded the brand-new variation, Deactivate the old mod and Activate the brand-new one. At the very same time, delete the 1.5 variation using the huge red cross symbol.

Managing Your Mods Plugins Using Nexus Mod Manager

The following tab we will certainly look at is the Plugins tab. Many kind of mods come with .esp or plugin records. These make transforms to the game people such as including new land masses, altering lighting, including brand-new apparel or races and also so on.

Skyrim and also various other games fill these in an order mentioned by the pack order. Many kind of mods need a details fill order and Nexus Mod Manager will certainly organise this for you. In spite of this, you might wish to adjust the order if a mod advised you to perform so and also for some factor Nexus Mod Manager does not reflect this.

You deserve to check out from the image listed below, I have a pack order configured for my Skyrim mods developed by the Mod Manager.

Tbelow are 6 alternatives accessible to you on this display screen. From peak to bottom, the symbols are:

Move a plugin up the orderMove a plugin downDisable all the energetic pluginsEnable all the active pluginsExport the existing load order (to a text file)Imports a fill order (from a message file)

Note: Only relocate a plugin if you have actually a valid factor to perform so. If you make alters to a pack order without completely knowledge specifically what you are doing, you could reason some of the plugins to fail to work, or worse Skyrim or whichever game it is that you are configuring could fail to job-related.


Adding mods can take a game that you already love and also improve it in means that you never before imagined possible. Mods are composed by a games passionate fans with some mods having taken years to put together. You can have actually include approximately day high resolution graphics, added quests and also areas to check out, in fact games such as the Elder Scrolls Series (Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim) have hundreds of mods accessible to pick from.

With this complexity, it have the right to be difficult to install, configure and also in fact save track of all your mods. This is wright here Nexus Mod Manager proves to be inhandy. Using it, you can:

Cleanly and sindicate include or remove mods via a single clickUse the developed in downfill manager to download modsOrganise the fill order of your mods plugins easilyUpdate mods through future versions easily

I hope that you have actually discovered this hub beneficial. For me, mods are what takes an excellent game and also makes it every little thing it might be and even more. Nexus Mod Manager is an excellent tool to make this facility process easier. Please feel free to leave a comment below and happy gaming!

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