How to remove battery from lenovo ideapad 110



so 20 minutes back my legion y520 simply turned off in the middle of watching a present on netflix (not doing anything demanding) and also wont turn ago on. have actually had actually the lapheight for more than 6 months and havent had actually this difficulty before. played games earlier today and had actually no fps concerns. to the suggest, i think as via many type of laptops sometimesnsruff just happens and i was gonna go to take out the battery and put it ago in however saw that it is developed in. my question is deserve to i still do it or will it warp my warranty, and if so i think thats a stupid and also ugly point to do to your customers, forcing them to be without their computer for a couple of weeks cuz you constructed in the battery...

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You have the right to open up and also reseat the battery without voiding the warranty as long as no components gets damage during the procedure. Following the actions are provided for customer here in the hardware hands-on.

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You are not require to carry out it as you may ssuggest speak to in technical assistance for assistance at anytime. They would certainly have the ability to investigate better is this is even more than simply a battery issue specially if the machine would certainly not revolve on via connected ac charger and also no display screen also on exterior monitor.

I hope this helps answer your query.

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Follow these steps to rerelocate battery from your Laptop:

Turn off your lapheight and also disattach the adaptorRelease the latch or attached tool that host your battery that organize the battery in placeSlide the old battery out of its compartmentTake the replacement battery out of the boxSlide it into the notchClose the security latch to lock it into the placeReaffix the AC adaptor and also charge the battery

Here is the complete pointer just how to rerelocate laptop computers battery

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