How to repair micro sd 16gb card? it shows 31mb

Solved – 31 Mb RAW Partition – SD & Micro SD Memory Cards31 MB RAW Partition problem on SD & Micro SD Memory Cards


When you attempt to review your memory card with a card reader on a COMPUTER or Lapoptimal and also under disk monitoring it reflects a 31 Mb RAW Partition.While Using a Card Reader, Check whether the card is heating or not? Card Heating is likewise a sign of the same worry.Not able to format or delete the RAW Partition.Note: Memory Card Can be of any type of size, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and so on.

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Methods to Resolve:

If your information is not necessary and you simply want to repair your Memory Card so that it might occupational according to its actual Storage Size, Please Follow these actions :-Insert Memory Card Using a Card Reader to a PC or Laptop ( via Windows Operating System )Right Click on My Computer —> Click Manage Than Click on Disk Management Now inspect for Disk Number on the RAW Partition As per the image it shows we have a RAW partition through “Disk 1”Now, Open Command also Prompt (cmd) through Administrative rightsNow Under Command also Prompt, Type:- diskpart and also press enterNow Type, list disk & Press enterType, Select disk 1& Press enter (disk 1 is the 31 MB RAW partition, inspect for your disk number & kind accordingly)Type, Clean& Press Get in ( if your information is not important & you just want to repair the card )Than type, produce partition primary& Press EnterNext, select partition 1 & push EnterType,active & push EnterType, format fs=fat32 quick& push EnterType,assign& Press EnterExit& Press EnterNow aobtain go to disk management & check for the memory card partition, if it mirrors the actual dimension of the card, it indicates you efficiently resolved the concern. if still the same 31MB RAW partition, it suggests memory card is in an important condition & you cannot carry out anything to resolve it.

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If your information is not important & your memory card is under warranty, finest method is to replace the card from the manufacturer company centre.If your data is not necessary & your memory card is out of warranty, don’t waste time on internet to uncover any type of solutions to repair it if the above instructions din’t work for you. (nopoint deserve to be done)

Data Recovery:

If your data is extremely important & you are facing the same 31 Mb Raw Partition concern or card may be heating also, please follow these steps:-Please Don’t plug-in the memory card again & aobtain to COMPUTER or Laptop, it have the right to reason a lot even more damages to the internal components & information recoextremely chances have the right to be decreased.

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Don’t downfill totally free information recoincredibly or phelp data recovery software and try to recoup data as it won’t assist ( Special hardware devices compelled to retrieve data, no software have the right to help )Documents Recoexceptionally of memory card at this instance have the right to expense you a lot in India (Minimum 20000/- INR)Even Experts in recoexceptionally of tough drive information may not have the ability to aid you, as this situation is past their borders, and also it requirements unique tools & tools for this situation.

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