How to repair witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has actually a keen focus on managing and swapping out your equipment, whether it"s finding much better weapons and armor, crafting brand-new ones, or maintaining those you have actually. We"ll present you just how to do two intrinsic components of that right here: exactly how to repair and also dismantle your gear.

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Dismantling Weapons and Armor in Witcher 3

Dismantling basically serves as a method to damage something that you very own, yet to obtain the pieces that make it up in the process. For instance, dismantling a silver sword might get you some plain silver and also some leather straps to go through it (if that"s what that sword is made of, it"ll change from item to item).

Dismantling deserve to be incredibly useful if you want to make a brand-new item, however are missing out on some basic products, turning unneeded equipment right into various sources you can then usage, either to sell to sellers or for crafting your own items.

Wbelow to Dismantle Equipment

Dismantling have the right to only be done by finding a blacksmith or armorer, and paying them to break dvery own your equipment. There"s typically at leastern one in eexceptionally middling or bigger tvery own, noted on your map by an symbol of an anvil and also a hammer, or of a big armored chestplate.

Once you find one, go approximately the blacksmith and also ask him to craft, dismantle or repair something, it doesn"t matter which. It"ll open the Blacksmith menu. From tright here, cycle through the tabs presented at the peak until you reach the one marked "Dismantle." Here, you have the right to choose items in your inventory. When you perform, it"ll show both the expense of dismantling it, and also what items you"ll acquire for doing so. If you view one you want dismantled, click on the switch in the middle to have it damaged down into those parts. Be certain you want it broken dvery own, as there"s no means to undo this!

Dismantling is a power exclusive to blacksmiths and also armorers, that will certainly charge you for their job-related. | Joel Franey/, CD Projekt Red

Repairing Weapons and Armor in Witcher 3

Repairing your ideal tools is crucial to advancing via the game, particularly if you uncover weapons and armor you prefer and don"t desire to swap out later.

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Damaged tools and also armor never before break to the point of being unusable, yet as they get supplied even more and even more, they end up being much less effective, dealing and absorbing less damages respectively. Repairing them will (temporarily) rerevolve them to their maximum potential and eliminate all those penalties they"ve accrued in your adventures.

How to Repair Equipment

Unchoose dismantling, which has to be done for you, Geralt deserve to repair his equipment almost everywhere from his inventory, gave he has actually the equipment to perform it. This is done via repair kits, which gain back a specific percent of the item"s integrity as soon as dragged and dropped onto it (though this uses up the repair kit in the process). Repair kits are particular to either tools or armor, and also deserve to be bought from blacksmiths, certain vendors, or discovered throughout the people as random drops.

Repair kits deserve to assist you in a pinch once your equipment is badly damaged. | Joel Franey/, CD Projekt Red

However before, if you have actually no repair kits, a blacksmith will still repair your stuff for a fee (one that will certainly readjust relying on how damaged the weapon is, as well as exactly how handy it is). Like dismantling, uncover a blacksmith and ask to watch his products, then cycle through the tabs at the peak until you get to the one marked "Repair." Select the item you desire them to settle, and also you"ll be displayed exactly how much it"ll cost you prior to you commit to it.

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Blacksmiths have the right to repair your tools for various fees. | Joel Franey/, CD Projekt Red

Of course, the ideal equipment will certainly need you to be a high sufficient level to usage it. If you desire to obtain suffer and also levels promptly, you can check out our overview for simply that right right here. Or if you desire to view the best way to carry dvery own werewolves, some of the game"s most dangerous enemies, go to our handy how-to right here.