How to replace huion pen tip

Sometimes, you might need to adjust your pen nib and the first thing you have to know about this, before rushing to Amazon or Wacom’s keep, is this: wait a second! Don’t go buy them yet!

Check the pen holder that came with your drawing tablet, perform you check out that line that divides it? Open it, there’s a surprise for you! If not tbelow, examine the removable panel on the backside of your tablet. Ta-daaa!

This could seem pretty straightforward, yet it actually took me some months until I realized my tablet did come with added pen nibs!

I don’t really change them often, in the 2 years I’ve had my trusty Huion tablet, I just adjusted it as soon as, a couple of months back.

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Now that this is out of the method, let’s talk some more about Nibs!

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How lengthy does a tablet pen nib last

In short, around 2 – 3 years! A pen nib deserve to have actually a very long lifespan prefer I sassist over, I’ve just readjusted mine as soon as in about two years and I only changed it because among the sides was means even more supplied than the various other, so I was at fault here!

In any instance, it really depends on your care but also on the tablet.

So much, I just owned 2 illustration tablets: a Wacom Bamboo, which lasted me for an excellent 7 years and also I never before adjusted its nib (the initially few years, admittedly, I failed to use it generally, it was just in college that I lastly took the likeness to digital drawing).

And currently my Huion 1060PRO+ (click to examine the price on Amazon). Today I tfinish to usage it everyday, and also prefer I shelp, the nibs are pretty sturdy! (You can read more around my Recommended Drawing Taballows in this Post)

If you should readjust your nibs eexceptionally 3 or 4 months, right here are some reasons that can be happening:

Texture: your drawing tablet might be slightly textured, not all tablets have the exact same texture and also that can be bring about some erosion, wearing your nib much faster. Some civilization tape a item of paper on their taballows to make it smovarious other, both for the sake of their nibs and because they prefer the feeling better. Personally, I never tried it, yet you could uncover this advantageous, specifically if you’re trying to attract digitally for the first time, making the change between paper and also digital easier!Pressure: You might be adding to much push when drawing. This is negative both for you and also your tablet, your hands won’t like that therapy in a long run, it will hurt them and you might end up through serious injuries on them! And for your tablet, well you could scrape it and damage it and you won’t want to buy a brand-new one that quickly. What to carry out in this case? Change the pressure settings of your pen, so that you don’t feel the must push so tough, test out various push sensitivity levels and also view what best suits you!Pay attention to your nib! Like I mentioned before, I had to readjust my nib because I faibrought about pay attention to it. I tend to usage just one side of it, wearing it down, while the other side is still new! As you attract, try to usage various sides of the nib so that you wear it dvery own uniformly.

Don’t foracquire that your Pen Nib lifeexpectations additionally changes relying on just how a lot you usage it! If you usage day-to-day for rather a couple of hours, possibilities are it will wear out faster! If you’re not certain as soon as you should adjust your nib, here’s a tip: if it feels prefer it’s starting to scratch your tablet, then adjust it.

How Can You Change the Nib

Alright, remember as soon as I sassist for you to open up up your pen stand for extra nibs?

When looking inside of it, ideal at the center there’s typically a metallic ring through a tiny fissure. Take that out.

This is the nib extractor you use to remove your pen nibs.

This removal tool can adjust from tablet to tablet, some Wacom tablets, for instance, have actually it incorporated in the ago of the tablet itself.

To use it, simply set the pen reminder right into the extractor, tilt it lightly or, if you’re wearing the tiny ring, cshed it roughly the nib and then gradually pull it out.

It must be reasonably easy to remove it. Then discard that one and retrieve a new nib from your storage and slide it in your pen till it’s effectively placed.

Different Types of Nibs

Tbelow are roughly 4 kinds of Nibs to usage in your digital tablet: conventional, stroke, flex and also felt nibs. Each among these feels differently, so let’s go over each one of them:

Standard Nib: it’s the global one. If you’re using the nib that came with your tablet, this is the one you’re using. It can come in white or black, but they’re both the very same, there’s nothing much I deserve to tell you around them, aside from that they’re made of plastic and it’s the one that the majority of artists finish up making use of and also preferring.Stroke Nib: if you desire your pen to feel even more favor a brush, then this one is for you. It was designed for it to feel more inviting, via an actual spring on the nib, that acts choose a shock absorber! If you tfinish to or desire to work-related with softer lines, you can desire to test this nib out.Flex Nib: This sort of nib adds even more friction, making it feel even more favor you’re illustration on paper, this won’t damage your tablet, so there’s no must worry!Felt Nib: All of the nibs we talked to much are and feel a little bit more choose plastic, however this one has a felt touch, a smovarious other touch, although it also adds friction to your pen, however not as much as the flex tip. Both the felt and also flex nib tend to wear out faster!

There are likewise nibs via various shapes, however all at once it’s mostly about feel.

They won’t change your tablet nor your drawings, it’s a issue of personal taste and what feels best for you.

So attempt to experiment them out and view what works better for you!

If Your Tablet Pen Nib Falls Out or Comes Loose, Do This!

Huion Pens seem to have this concern quite a lot, I’ve had actually it happen to me too, but it’s exceptionally conveniently fixable.

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So if you own a Huion Tablet and also you’re having this trouble just follow these basic steps:

Take out the nib.Get a toothpick.Do you watch the little hole on your nib? Insert the toothpick tbelow, making the hole bigger.Placed the nib ago in your pen.

If you go to this tumblr blog article (not mine), you deserve to check out some photos to aid you see better!

If you very own a Wacom and also notification that your nibs seem exceptionally loose and short, it’s a bit more troublesome to settle but doable and also simple!

Rattle your pen a little bit.

Does it sound prefer the insides of the pen are shifting? If so, this means that the body of the pen is loosening up and also that’s what’s resulting in the trouble.To resolve it, you need to dismantle your pen through the straightforward 4 steps.

Simply rerelocate the button panel from the pen, it need to be sensibly simple, with a screwdriver or even a nail and also it need to come off!Now, you need to have the ability to open up up your pen, be mindful through the circuit board inside though, so try not to bfinish it.Inspect both halves of the shaft, you could notification a small crack on the plastic, if so, ssuggest use some tape (clear tape works finest given that it has a tendency to be pretty strong), tightly about the crack.That must carry out it! Assemble everything earlier and you’re excellent to go!

Tablet Pen Nibs DIY (Do It Yourself and also Save Some Money!)

Nibs can be CRAZY expensive and also if yours tend to wear very conveniently, it will certainly probably hurt your wallet every time you have to buy a new fill.

Fret no more!

There’s actually an easy and safe method to make your very own nibs.

Here’s your shopping list:

1.65 trimmer line (the sort commonly used in weed whackers or line trimmers)Sand PaperA excellent pair of Scissors

And that’s it! Now to make your nibs:

Measure your nibs or look on the internet for their dimension. Cut pieces of the trimmer line you just bought on that size.Sand also the sides, so tright here are no sharp edges. Be certain that everything is smooth to protect against scratching on your tablet.Insert the nib on your pen!

I remember seeing some years back that someone additionally managed to try to use spaghetti as a nib and also it actually worked!

The trick is the same: cut it to the nib dimension, sand also it and you’re great to go.

So if you’re in a pickle, require a nib incredibly urgently and occur to have actually spaghetti at residence, you recognize what to do!

Consider Getting a Tablet Screen Protector

If you own a drawing tablet with a screen, you can desire to defend it! Just like you would certainly do for your phone or digital tablet.

Even if you’re careful, you can scrape your display screen by accident or even just consistent usage can create some erosion at some suggest and you’ll alert those little scratches eexceptionally time you’re drawing.

Do think about acquiring a screen protector as soon as buying a brand-new tablet, it’s not as well costly and also will certainly assist your screen last longer!

It’s also not challenging to find, on any Amazon or even eBay, sindicate look for a display screen protector and the model you have and also its dimension.

Be sure you know for particular which illustration tablet you have actually and its size, given that the sizes of the display adjust between them!

A display screen protector will certainly likewise make your surchallenge smoother, which deserve to be a little weird at the start, however straightforward to adapt and also if you currently favor smoother surencounters, the better!

Traveling A Lot? Get a Case!

If you tfinish to travel a lot, while carrying your tablet, do consider buying a case for it! You have the right to discover many them within a really substantial price selection.

If you like it easy, simply acquire a straightforward pouch wbelow you have the right to save your tablet, protecting it from scratches.

There’s also situations particular for illustration tablets, with spaces for all your accessories, so everything is perfectly comfortable and also safe and, of course, backpacks via pockets built in them, specifically for your tablet.

Once aobtain, pay attention to the dimension of your tablet once buying a case for it and also now you have the right to bring your illustration tablet approximately without worrying about its safety!

In Short

You won’t must readjust your pen nib a lot, it should be excellent for around 2 to 3 years, depending on the use you give it.

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If you feel it’s beginning to scratch your drawing tablet, try and sand it a little bit or just adjust it for a brand-new nib.

If you tend to move about a lot, attempt to obtain a situation for your tablet even if it’s not a screened tablet, this method you will certainly protect against any type of type of erosions that can scrape your illustration tablet!