How to run arma 3 in 64 bit

UNIT: Rictough Biely, Programmer, Programming Dept. TO: Arma 3 Users OPSUM: Introducing 64-little bit Arma 3 - what, why, and how!


In current years, a prospering variety of vivaworldcup.infoelopers have released their games through 64-little bit assistance. Many type of of our very own neighborhood have actually hoped or suspected that, sooner or later, this ssuggest had actually to occur to our beloved series as well. To carry an end to the eternal conversation about whether it is (im)feasible to carry 64-bit support to Arma - and to live up to your hopes - we are proud to announce that 64-little bit Arma 3 is knocking ideal at your door, currently released on But what precisely are the benefits of having a 64-bit game, what does it mean for you as gamers, and why did you need to wait till now?


Somewright here on the forums among our loyal neighborhood members created "tbelow is no straightforward "click a button" and also it magically becomes 64-little bit." That is very true. We currently employ no mperiods, so we had actually to improvise and hit those butloads a few (10s of thousands) times. Porting a task which had actually not been designed via 64-little bit in mind is no straightforward task; through a code base as expensive as Arma"s, it is doubly true. Other than Arma itself, we had actually to update our Launcher , too (many thanks to that, you will certainly now have the ability to select your variation of the game splendidly).

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One of the major reasons for the delay is that the time simply had to be best for us. 64-bit executables need a 64-bit OS and also 64-little CPU to run. If tright here are not enough customers through such vivaworldcup.infoices, there would certainly be just little bit factor for us to invest time and professionals into functioning on something this significant. Fortunately, the last few generations of processors have actually been 64-little. Because of this, it comes down to your OS. According to Steam statistics, over 90% of player makers currently have actually a 64-bit OS set up.

Naturally, it is not all only about programming. In order to make this effort a truth, various departments had to perform their component as well. More than anything else, testing has actually been a vast component of the porting procedure, taking a lot of time. It is no wonder. There were numerous obstacles we had to overcome, some smaller sized, various other greater, and our QA colleagues essential to verify that whatever still worked as expected after all these changes. In the finish, we feel we succeeded to tame the beastern - and also we hope you will be just as excited around the results.


In order to understand also what this magical number suggests, we must obtain technological. We will store it as concise as possible (of course, at the cost of accuracy, for which we kindly hope anyone technically gifted will certainly excusage us). When processing work, your CPU functions via information stored somewbelow in memory. This memory deserve to be local to the CPU (registers, cache) or exterior (system memory aka RAM). What interests us the many ideal now are registers and also system memory.

In basic, registers are exceptionally small and also exceptionally quick data containers. They come in assorted forms and sizes varying from 8 to 64-bits. The amount of bits determines the largest number a CPU deserve to procedure without any type of additional job-related. 32-little bit processors have the right to occupational with numbers as huge as 2^32-1=4,294,967,295 (-1 because we begin from zero). 64-little processors take it a few billion measures even more and speak at an amazing 2^64-1=18,446,744,073,709,551,615. This comes fairly handy as soon as pervivaworldcup.infoeloping complicated calculations and addressing memory.

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Speaking of memory, let us interpret these huge numbers to something more understandable. In the vocabulary of computer memory, 2^32 deserve to be interpreted to 4 gigabytes while 2^64 equals to 65 petabytes. In simplistic terms, a 32-little mechanism deserve to physically attend to at the majority of 4 GB of memory. On peak of that, the resolve area of a 32-little application running on such a vivaworldcup.infoice is usually break-up in two parts. On Windows, each of them is 2 GB. One is booked for your applications, the other one for Windows itself.



Now imagine you have to squeeze Arma - via all of its large terrains and many type of things going on throughout a mission - right into this fairly small area. As time passed, and as Arma flourished larger, this has actually prcooktop to be an extra and more hard job. Being able to make use of basically every one of your system"s memory, more than anything, Arma should display a lot even more consistent performance.

With the ability to cache a vast amount of data in-game, much less loading/releasing of memory is important. This equates right into less work for the game to perform and, inevitably, into even more fluent gameplay. One situation where an update in performance have to be even more recognizable is once playing the game via extremely huge see ranges. Given that the amount of data to cache is quite big in such situations, the game will certainly considerably advantage from an increased amount of easily accessible RAM (yet, note, it may be bottlenecked by various other factors).

An essential side impact of having actually bigger resolve room is that we suppose fewer memory-associated crashes to happen. With no cost-free memory, sooner or later on the game (or any various other application for that matter) is bound to reach a state wright here it sindicate has no other alternative yet to reason us all sorrow. Memory limits are set in stone; whether a crash is led to by a GPU driver or Arma itself does not really issue from a player"s suggest of check out. Trust us, tright here is nopoint more painful then seeing you sad bereason the game craburned. In 64-little bit Arma, this have to be less likely.



Do not suppose a 64-little bit executable to be a gold bullet, though. Rather than quadrupling your FPS, take into consideration this a crucial optimization for instances wbelow 32-little Arma deserve to no much longer "keep up". If you never competent sudden performance drops, you are unmost likely to alert any type of distinction at all. However, if you did, this brand-new variation of Arma should make your suffer even even more splendid than ever.

For modders, as well, tright here are some things to keep in mind. If your scenario or mod offers a call expansion, the expansion has actually be to provided both in 32-little bit and also 64-little versions now. Otherwise, your game will certainly the majority of most likely not work as meant. Unfortunately, tbelow is no functional method for us to work-related this approximately for you behind the scenes. 64-little bit processes have the right to only pack 64-little mutual libraries (*.dll on Windows, *.so on Linux) and therefore it is intended that content creators administer them. This procedure should be rather straightforward, though, and also we carry out not mean any type of major complication on our talented community"s side.

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To make the transition as transparent for you as possible, we at least made it so that no transforms to scripts will certainly be forced. All you must execute is vivaworldcup.infoelop a 64-little variation of your expansion and name it _x64.dll on Windows (or on Linux). In other words, you add the "_x64" sufsolve to the name. Similarly, mod creators relying on hacking repurposing DirectX libraries will have to dust off their skills once aobtain and perform their magic on 64-bit version of these libraries in similar a fashion as they did on their 32-little countercomponents back in the day. Of course, it is additionally worth pointing out that you should not forget to whitelist your brand-new libraries via BattlEye!


Before we summon the courage to release the 64-little exe to the wider public, we first have to gather sufficient feedago on how well it functions external the company wall surfaces. As confident as we are about the new exe"s performance and also stability, it is a preeminence of thumb that points impossible to happen in theory are bound to occur 50% of the time in practice. Thus, to supply the ideal possible Arma suffer, we would like to kindly ask you for your feedago on the forums.

However, although it is true the assistance for 64-little bit has yet to hit our Main Branch, we made a decision to provide you all at leastern something as a small appetizer. Starting with Update 1.66, when run on 64-little bit Windows, 32-little bit Arma 3 will be able to properly work with more than just 2 GB of memory. The existing limit has actually been increased to 3 GB. Magic, yay!

As constantly, we thank you all for your wonderful support over the years and are looking forward to all your observations and suggestions on this following massive step in Arma"s history. Have an excellent time playing the game and also may the 64-bits be via you!