How to see a private steam profile

You can have seen news that tright here are over 1 billion registered Steam accounts. If you go exclusively by the account id, then sure you can assume that. However, the truth is that not all account ids are actually registered.

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You might have actually viewed news that tbelow are over 1 billion registered Steam accounts. If you go solely by the account id, then certain you deserve to assume that. However before, the fact is that not all account ids are actually registered.

A prime example of this is the array of account ids extending from ~500 million to ~830 million, wbelow there"s only roughly 2,5 million accounts, from the 330 million feasible. You can check out the full information of accounts grouped by 10 million below.

What are the Steam ids anyway?

A full 64-little SteamID looks choose this: 76561197960287930 and it includes the following bits of information:

Account id (32 bits)Instance

When you view a steamid represented choose this: it is simply the very same 64-little steamid being stood for in a different way:

U shows the individual account type.1 is the public cosmos.22202 is the account id itself.

For all intents and purposes when taking care of user prodocuments, you can disregard all the bits other than for the 32-little account id which is incremental and also starts from 1. If you"ve played Dota 2, you have the right to see them being supplied tright here rather of the full steamid.

If you"re interested in seeing exactly how various other kinds are represented, or just how to attend to SteamIDs in general, take a look at our PHP library.


Using the ISteamUser/GetPlayerSummaries API, we can examine approximately 100 prorecords at as soon as. Currently, latest registered account id is roughly 1,062,000,000, if we divide that by 100, we gain an extra controlled number at 11 million. This considerably reduces the amount of API requests we have to carry out.

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A few monitorings from scanning: deleted accounts return an empty object in the response, instead of being omitted entirely, so it is possible to detect whether a specific steamid was deleted. Secondly, lastlogoff area indicating as soon as you last logged off from Steam is visible also if your profile privacy is collection to private.


With that out of the means, let"s take a look at some of the numbers we can gain from scanning all the currently created accounts.

Keep in mind we"re talking about full profile privacy setting, and also not the games list privacy setting which was adjusted to be personal by default in 2018.

Tright here are 3 accounts that have actually odd production dates:

If we take an educated guess, we have the right to attribute the good rise in produced accounts in the start of 2019 to CS:GO going complimentary to play in December 2018.

Closing notes

From our monitoring, account ids seem to be created/batched/chunked in teams of 100. With the 500-830 million variety, there"s only 1 account per team of 100 accounts. Perhaps Valve"s code to geneprice account ids had actually an insect, and also it only actually developed 1 account for each 100 ids, we"re not sure.

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We have actually noticed this odd discrepancy back once we scanned all prodocuments for VAC and game bans, and also this scan simply reaffirmed our observation.