How to turn off sound on ps4 controller

Can I revolve off the PS4 Controller's speaker and also rather have it play those sounds with my TV's speakers?

Trying to play through the Definitive Edition of Dishonored on PS4. If I usage the Heart (an exciting game mechanic, it whispers keys to you) or use powers in game, they play through the controller's speaker.

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This is pretty annoying once I play through headphones, bereason I simply miss out on all those little bit tricks unless I take my headphones off each time.

Additionally, even if my headphones are not plugged in, it's pretty difficult to hear the Heart's voice over all the various other sounds in game. Even through the sound all the way up on the controller.

So I know you have the right to revolve the sound on the controller dvery own, but is there anymethod to disable that mechanic entirely? I figured this would be an alternative SOMEWHERE but I'm not seeing one in-game or in the PS4's menus.

Usually games that use the controller speaker encompass the option to revolve it off and use a typical audio mix. I don't recognize if Dishonored 2 does or not. If you not probably try altering the headcollection output to all audio.

It's Dishonored 1, which is why I'm worried tright here isn't an choice to turn it off, as it's a ported PS3 game. Damn.

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Many games I've played that use the controller speaker have an choice to revolve it off/usage the primary audio rather.

Not yet. Although, I had actually no idea you might hear gameplay audio with headphones plugged into the controller. I've always had my headphones plugged straight into my TV. Worried around the quality however I'll attempt that out in the morning.

I have the controller volume collection to mute in the PS4’s audio settings menu. I remember hearing the keys come out the TV just fine.

Hold the playstation switch on your controller till the little bit side food selection pops up. Click on Sound/Devices. There'll be an alternative for 'Volume Control (Speaker for Controller), revolve that all the means down to zero.

That'll mute your controller and also the sound should begin playing from your TV rather. That's operated for me in games favor Empire Warriors wbelow tbelow isn't an in-game choice to divert sound to your TV.

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