How to uninstall elder scrolls online

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Tright here might be situations once you need to uninstall ESO or Public Test Server (PTS). You may want to do this to move the game to other drive or if you made a decision to soptimal playing this MMO. This guide will tell you how to rerelocate all the files properly! After you follow this instruction your PC will be happy :)

First of all you should know that ZeniMax made a decision not to usage conventional approach of uninstallation. The game can’t be removed from “Programs and Components” or from its brochure. If you open your “Programs and Components” you will certainly check out one-of-a-kind symbol tbelow however it will remove game launcher just.

Moreover, if you visit game folder you will discover “Uninstall” subfolder tbelow and many of you males will certainly think that this is what you need. But that’s a mistake! DON"T usage .exe file you watch tbelow. This file will rerelocate just game launcher but without core ESO files and also registry entries.


Pay Attention: When you remove Launcher it doesn’t automatically delete Elder Scrolls Online game from your PC!!!

Ideal Uninstallation!!!

So what to execute if tright here is no noticeable way? Follow the instructions listed below. This is exactly how you eliminate Elder Scrolls Online properly:

Open the Launcher as if you desire to begin playing. The launcher is a area wbelow you manage all ZeniMax games! You setup and also remove all the games from tbelow.

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Uninstalling ESO Public Test Server (PTS): If you have PTS mounted you also should remove it. PTS is treated prefer a sepaprice game. It has actually its very own folder on your disc and also that’s why it need to likewise be removed. Select PTS in the list of games and also click small “Video Game Options” food selection on the appropriate. You will certainly view Uninstall switch there. Click it and also PTS files will be rerelocated from your computer. This is exactly how you get rid of experimentation server. If your goal wregarding rerelocate PTS only right here is where you stop. You don’t should go to action 3. But if you wish to eliminate the entire game follow to the next step. Removing the game itself: select “The Elder Scrolls Online” in the games list. Click little “Video Game Options” menu on the appropriate. Uninstall choice will certainly show up. Use this choice and also the game will be removed. Pay attention: this will remove game documents only. Launcher still exists and you additionally need to delete it.
Deleting launcher. Now it’s time to remove ZeniMax Game Launcher. Open core folder of the game and find “uninstall” subfolder tbelow. Click uninstall symbol and also the process will certainly start.

After you finish all these actions the entire game will be removed! Many kind of players comordinary around so facility uninstallation procedure however we have what we have. Hope this guide will certainly assist you.

If you rerelocated Launcher…

Many players discover themselves in a strange case. Many of the game file still remain on the drive after they usage Uninstall Elder Scrolls Online .exe in game folder. These papers occupy huge amount of disc room. I was likewise perplexed with this as soon as I chose to move the game to my various other tough drive. I didn’t recognize that this .exe file gets rid of Launcher only but not the game itself. Here is what you have to execute to properly delete all remaining files if you deleted just Launcher:

Install the launcher right into the folder where it initially was prior to you removed it. Typically it is C:/Program Files (x86)/ZeniMax OnlineRun it as if you wish to play. It will certainly update game documents if it’s required. Now you have the launcher alive and you deserve to follow previous Ideal Uninstallation procedures.

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We tried to make this guide as in-depth as feasible. Hope it will help you.