How to view someones steam wishlist

So, let me describe. I would like to sfinish a link of my owned games for someone else, that would present her which games she has too and which she had included to her wishlist. Also would like to execute the very same in reverse - check which games she or various other civilization has, which I have actually as well or wishnoted.

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Is this possible in any kind of way?

I used to use compare2vapor for trading, but I think it just allows you compare a text list of games against a steam profile. Maybe if you can geneprice a message version of your wishlist somejust how and then the website will have the ability to compare it.

You suppose... I need to put list of someone else"s games to see If I have those games too?Damn, also it does not present wishprovided games :/

You have the right to access to the wishlist and library of someone else via if you are connected, at the optimal ideal of the web page you can have actually a message variation your wishlist and your library

Not sure if it"s what you"re in search of but I know you can usage Steam Companion to compare libraries between friends.

I would prefer to see somepoint comparable to RaChart Enhancer. But instead of seeing games composed manually from bundles, I would check out my friend"s game. It would certainly present colors to games I own too or I have actually wishdetailed.I"m actually startled tright here is no such point yet.

Tbh, I was sure someone made a webpage favor that currently, it"s pretty basic tool, which is pretty valuable as well. But nevermind.

Thanks for the attach, but I very own the game :) So great luck for whoever want this game the a lot of :)

This is neat. But it does not display games that one of the mentioned customers does not have, right? Only games which both of them have actually.What I wanted to obtained is to send my library to someone as she sees what games she currently have and which from my games, she wants to have actually (wishlisted). So games that are not in common are of uta lot of prominence here.

How? This works on Steam Store, but not in Wishlists nor Library.It"s pretty helpful and also I"m using it for periods, yet this will not let me display colors I collection on someone"s wishlist/library.

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Ah, this just mirrors games in widespread... I actually require somepoint that reflects games that are not in common (that"s why I wanted wishlisted games... to display games I need to someone who wanted them) as she is my sister and we have actually household sharing, so she deserve to recognize if I very own game, she wanted to play. doesn"t do what you"re looking for? If I search your SteamID on Barter, then it will display me your Library and also Wishlist. If I click on your library and also then click filter, it sorts your library into categories mirroring whether I very own them or not, and whether they"re on my wishlist. If I click on your wishlist and also then on filter, it compares your wishlist to what I have actually. Isn"t this specifically what you"re looking for?

Not as I tried. I do not recognize just how to search specific Steam user. And not user. I need user who has actually Steam account, not account. Can I carry out it?

You just paste the Steam ID (finish long number of the URL of there Steam profile page) right into search box on barter. Then you have the right to perform the features I cite. I can compare to your account on Barter also if you do not usage it.

Actually I discovered the solution, thanks to various other user in their comment. But many thanks anyway. At leastern I will certainly know, this site deserve to perform something equivalent.

I think the will certainly certainly 100% carry out the job-related yet its UI is uncomfortable and confutilizing and also would certainly most likely prevent the brand-new user from using it. Otherwise, I"ve checked, its "filter" attribute functions excellent.

No, I do not trade. I want a website that shows me which games from one library is various, the exact same and also which are wishprovided.

For instance, William Shakespear has actually a library. So do I.I look at Willy"s library and it colors me games I currently owns and additionally games that i have actually wishnoted (however different color). The remainder will certainly remajor uncolored. Exactly prefer it is in RaChart Enhancer. But rather of mirroring list of random games, I desire certain library.

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I see(as well negative you don"t profession XD). Then you deserve to attempt SteamDB.Just copy & paste the "ProfileURL" or "SteamID" that the library belongs to.This mirrors as soon as I compare my library with yours.Green=What I haveBlue=What I wishlistedThe symbols below game thumbnails are imposed by another manuscript.Actually, if you install the SteamDB extension, it"s even less complicated that you don"t need to copy & paste anypoint. Just one click Steam profile web page.


Oh, so SteamDB deserve to perform this!? I mean... I used it to check people"s prodocuments yet didn"t know it shows the colors once You got the extension.Thanks so much! That"s exactly what I wanted :D

Ha, you"re welcome.