Hp pavilion 23 wont boot

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Please help... my hp pavilion 23 won’t begin. The hp logo design comes up but that’s it.. numerous noise as if it’s about to begin yet it won’t.. I tried F10, but nothing.. it goes right into beginning routine yet it doesn’t. I pressed F6 and also did all the scans and all passed, memory diagnosis... same thing happened 2 years back and I lost whatever.. unfortunately I don’t have ago up either..the tough drive never before backed up...I tried unplugging and also pressing the on button for up to a minute however still won’t boot.. please assist
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Gabby.Embroidery Posts 2 Registration date Tuesday March 20, 2018 Status Member Last seen March 21, 2018 Mar 21, 2018 at 03:12 PM
I don’t understand how to take the battery out, I have to pull it acomponent.. it not a lap optimal it’s a all in one desktop..
OH, Gotcha. Yea, no battery in that one. Tbelow is really nopoint a user can do to carry an ALL in ONE ago to life (unmuch less you are willing to take apart to troubleshoot, and YOUTUBE would be your following stop). If the power cord is a TWO component one (one via a converter type box), you can attempt to unplug it from both the PC and also the wall, pull it acomponent so its 2 pieces, and let it sit in a quiet corner for about 5 minutes. Put it all back together and view if that helped!

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