Hyperx cloud 2 usb device not recognized

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Got Kingston hyperx cloud 2 2 days back and I do not gain any sound as soon as I usage USB, except on skype for a factor. But on spotify, youtube etc I don"t get any sound at all. What"s wierd is that once I supplied simply the minijack on my lappeak it came sound. Open to any suggestions.

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I had actually the precise very same problem. Brand also new hyperx cloud 2, windows 10. I observed in tool manager that the usb soundcard was being detected but not showing up in playback gadgets. I went in manage pannel - troubleshooting - troubleshoot audio playearlier. It began scanning the usb ports and known the soundcard. Then in playago devices collection headset as default playearlier gadgets. That did the trick for me.

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Not a solution sadly, but I"m having actually a similar problem. Bought a pair for Kingston HyperX Cloud II"s yesterday to use on my freshly constructed system. My motherboard is the MSI Z97 Gaming 5, my OS is Windows 8.1 Professional.For those unacquainted via the Cloud II, it has an exterior USB soundcard that the 1 metre lengthy, 3.5mm 4 pole (or TRRS) audio jack from the headcollection plugs in to, which then plugs right into a USB slot. The principle then is that it doesn"t usage drivers, considering that the USB sound card does all the job-related, you simply need to allow it in the "Manage my sound" settings. My problem is that this USB connection functioned for all of about 5 minutes, then failed. The headcollection functions fine itself, and also I assume the mic does (I do not have a 4-pole splitter to test it on my computer, and my motherboard/situation does not seem to have a TRRS input). However, the USB soundcard was detected for about 5 minutes, and also then all of a sudden it disappeared, never before to return.I"ve checked device manager, sound manager, neither have actually any kind of indication that it"s tbelow. I"ve reset the computer, I"ve also turned it off then pulled out the power cable entirely. I"ve checked BIOS through it plugged in, and also the Motherboard doesn"t also recognise anything is plugged into the socket. All this time, the soundcard is lit up, so it must be receiving power, yet other than that there"s nothing to indicate that it is even plugged in. While troubleshooting I check out some human being suggest to others that it can be as a result of the "power saving" setting of some USB slots, so I turned that off for eexceptionally USB port that had actually it, still nopoint.The MSI z97 Gaming 5 also has an alternative to carry out dedicated power for some USB slots meant for audio, through connecting a specialized 4-pin molex to an adaptor which plugs right into the board, and then turning on a switch. I tried that, plugged into those slots, nopoint.Is it simply likely that the USB souncard that came via my headcollection is screwed, and I have to kind out a replacement? Are tbelow any kind of troubleshooting steps that I missed? I did all I could think of and/or discover through Google, hoping someone here can point me in the best direction.