I can hear a rainbow

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Summary: Summoner Flag QuestRealm: WindurstType: Cutting edge JobStarting Zone: Windurst WallsRequired Starting Item: Carbuncle"s RubyThere Is No Fame Requirement For This Quest.

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Minimum Character Level: 30This Quest Is Not Repeatable.

Client: ??? (House of the Hero, Windurst Walls)Summary: A stvariety voice from within Carbuncle"s Ruby is asking you to gather the salso colors of light...

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if you are in a zone and also view a weather begin that you do not have, you can likewise log out and also ago in if you"re far away from the zone to gain the CS
Rating: 0 Posted by: Ruggyboy,
require aid i acquired the ruby been to windusrt wall surfaces acquired CSacquired 5 weathers but wont give me wind and heatwave as soon as i zone in and also out and i have not got them currently as i can`t profession to ??? in G-6 any type of one assist me out?
Rating: 1 Posted by: Jester,
From personal suffer I have the right to offer a couple of tips below for you trying to gain summoner. The initially action is to be level 30, of course. After that if you deserve to discover a high level (71 Beastmaster did this for me) to obtain you your ruby, I imply heading right into the Maze of Shakhrami and also functioning your way to the place K-10 on the Bottom Map if you usage http://vivaworldcup.info/zonedb/51 . There"s a room through around 20 or so Leeches through nothing else about. Just have actually the high level move them all up and ruin them. If not, then you could be able to solo the ones discovered in Jugner Foremainder in the ditches spcheck out throughout the zone.The following action is to take the Carbuncle"s Ruby to the Housage of the Hero in Windurst Walls at (G-3). Cutscene later and also you are ready to discover the weather trends. Whenever before you find a weather pattern (It has to be energetic before you enter the zone. If the weather adjusted while you"re in a zone you need to leave and also re-enter.) it will offer you a color of light that suggests you found 1 of the 7 weather impacts. If you"re not doing this as a whole I suggest composing down on a sticky note which ones you"ve acquired so you do not gain stuck searching for one you"ve already got!Here"s wbelow I uncovered my weather effects:Orange = Sunshine -> Almany everywhere that"s weathermuch less and also sunny, La Theine Plateau.Red = Heat Wave -> I uncovered it in Altep Desert. I checked the weather reporter in Rabao to see which day it would be and waited till about 10:00am in that zone to go out and also I gained it. Supposedly it happens to be the hardest to uncover.Blue = Rainy -> I discovered it raining in La Theine PlateauEco-friendly = Windy -> I found this in Tahrongi Canyon.Indigo = Snowing -> I observed the snow impact in Ranguemont Pass, yet the ruby didn"t take it in. Instead I had to proceed all the means to Beaucedine Glacier. Not also tough to obtain to through Sneak & Invisible.Yellow = Dust Storm -> I uncovered this in Altep Desert and actually aacquire in Tahrongi Canyon wbelow I discovered Wind.Violet = Lightning -> I"ve seen this in Qufim & on the watercraft from Whitegate -> Nashmau all the moment yet I found it for this in Konschtat Highlands of all places!Again, there are weather effects almost everywhere and also you"d need to look for weather checkers to watch what the forecasts are going to be. Pretty simple to number it out once you discover the weather NPC"s. If you want to recognize wbelow those are, there"s a search attribute at http://vivaworldcup.info/npcdb/ that I discovered on the left side of the web page. Just select NCOMPUTER Type: Weather Checker and also search to discover a list of the Weather Checker nearest to you.Once you"ve attained all of the colors of light you"ll watch Carbuncle show up and a message tells you to go to La Theine Plateau. Once tbelow you go to the place G-6 and also profession the Carbuncle"s Ruby to the ??? and one cutscene later on you have the Summoner Job open up to you.Best advice I deserve to provide is to have the Altep Crystal so you have the right to have actually a 38 WHM Teleport-Altep you also. It can cover 4 of the Weather Effects depfinishing. That unified through the other teleports deserve to more than likely rack you up the aspects fairly quick. Be nice to those WHMs and also perhaps they have the right to assist =D.Jester, Quetzalcoatl server.

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Rating: 1 Posted by: Maggained,
First, attain a Carbuncle"s Ruby then go to the House of the Hero in Windurst Walls (G-3). After the cut-scene, you will need to gather 7 lights in the ruby to gain it to glow through their power. Sindicate put, you"ll must enter a room under-going particular weather problems.Red - Hot SpellsOrange - SunshineYellow - Dust StormsEnvironment-friendly - WindBlue - SnowIndigo - RainViolet - Thunder(The weather need to be establiburned before you enter, need to the weather readjust while you are in the area, exit and also re-enter to attain the light)A short cut-scene will certainly verify that you have obtained the light. (Hint - be certain to save notes as to which lights you have actually gotten and/or which are still needed).Upon receiving all 7 lights, Carbuncle will appear in a tiny cut-scene asking you to go to La Theine Plateau. Go to location G-6 (La Theine Plateau) and also trade the ruby to the ???.

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