I need permission from myself to delete a folder

I can not delete a details folder in Windows 7. It"s not a system folder. It was developed by an app. I gain an error message "You require permission to percreate this activity. You require permission from Tony....". I am an admin and also logged in as myself Tony. I have actually complete ownership of the folder via full manage permission. I rebooted the machine. I eliminated the app which developed the folder. I am out of concepts.

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Why is Windows 7 not letting me delete the folder?



I am not certain why this happens yet tright here is a workroughly.

To take manage of the folder containing the undeletable produce a message file dubbed “delete.bat” and also include the following lines to it:

SET DIRECTORY_NAME="C:Locked Directory"TAKEOWN /f %DIRECTORY_NAME% /r /d yICACLS %DIRECTORY_NAME% /give administrators:F /tICACLS %DIRECTORY_NAME% /recollection /TPAUSEYou will have to readjust the brochure course to enhance your demands e.g. “C:Locked Directory” to “C:Delete Me”.

Right click on the file “delete.bat” choose “Run As Administrator” and also you need to now have actually full control of the brochure and also all sub directories meaning you deserve to execute what you wish via them.

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The only means wregarding delete documents starting from the lowest level folder in that folder. I acquired that error message through eincredibly folder which had actually subfolders. I deleted all files/subfolders functioning my way up.


A folder deserve to disallow a parent from overcreating its perobjectives, so it fails at a details depth.

Use Process Monitor and also filter for ACCESS DENIED occasions to figure out this depth

Every time an ACCESS DENIED occasion occurs readjust the perobjectives as defined by

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You have the right to usage Handle as well see what procedures are opening files within your folder.

handle C:PathToFolderYouAreTryingToDeleteExample: