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Some users are enduring the error 1603 once they are trying to install the Google Planet application on their computer systems. How to remove the trouble and also make the routine mounted properly? In this guide, MiniTool Partition Wizard provides several possible approaches for you to troubleshoot the Google Planet error 1603.

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About Google Planet Error 1603

Google Planet, previously well-known as Keyhole EarthViewer, is a cost-free program accessible on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android 4.1+, and also iOS 11+. It renders a 3D representation of Earth based mainly on satellite imagery and also enables individuals to see the Planet from miscellaneous angles via high-resolution graphics.


Apart from the fundamental Earth navigating, Google Planet additionally offers a collection of other beneficial and effective devices for its desktop computer application. So, many kind of customers tfinish to download and also install the desktop computer version of Google Earth on their computer to gain full attributes.

Unfortunately, plenty of users report that they encounter the error 1603 when they are trying to install the application on Windows 10. After launching the downloaded installer, the process aborts all of sudden and also an error message pops up: The installer encountered error 1603.

Note: In some various other cases, this error can be accompanied by a various message: Error: -1603 Fatal error throughout installation. Consult Windows Installer Assistance (Msi,chm) or MSDN for even more information.


It turns out that the Google Earth installation error 1603 could take place because of multiple reasons, yet you don’t need to worry if you are bothered by the annoying problem. Below are some options to Google Planet error 1603. Without any even more acarry out, let’s begin our troubleshooting.

9 Methods to Fix Google Earth Error 1603

Launch Google Earth installer as administratorChange the permissions settingUse Google Planet straight installerRerelocate remnants of the previous Google Planet installationClean up short-lived filesFix logical errors for the mechanism drivePerform SFC and also DISM scansEnable short file name assistance in Windows RegistryRerelocate conflicting programs

Fix 1: Launch Google Earth Installer As Administrator

If Google Earth won’t install on your computer, the installer might absence the administrator permission to access specific forced files. So, you have the right to attempt relaunching the Google Earth installer via administrator privileges.

You just must right-click the downloaded installer and pick Run as an administrator choice from the conmessage food selection. Then, inspect if the installation deserve to continue without the error 1603.

Fix 2: Change the Permissions Setting

Besides, you must also make certain the installation route of Google Planet is not locked and you have actually complete control of it. To carry out that, you have the right to follow the procedures listed below to modify the perobjectives setting for the taracquire folder.

Step 1: Navigate to the path where your Google Earth is to be set up. By default, the installation course is C:Program FilesGoogle.

Tip 2: Right-click the subfolder for Google Planet and select Properties.

Step 3: Switch to the Security tab and also click the Edit button to adjust permissions.

Step 4: In the pop-up window, tick the box of Full control under the Allow column. Then, click Apply and also OK button in both dialogs to save the readjusted establishing.

Note: You can must adjust permissions for the adhering to folder as well: C:WindowsSystem32spoolDriversColor.


After that, you deserve to open up the installer aobtain to examine if the installer error 1603 Google Planet has been resolved.

Fix 3: Use Google Planet Direct Installer

If you are trying to install Google Earth for auto-update however fail through the error 1603, then you deserve to try manually update your Google Earth to the latest version using the direct installer.

You simply have to visit the downfill web page of Google Planet Pro, expand also the list of Downfill a Google Earth Pro direct installer, and also choose the latest variation of the straight installer as per your OS style to download. Then, launch the direct installer and also follow the ondisplay screen instructions.


In this way, you should have the ability to finish the installation procedure bypassing the Google Earth error 1603.

Fix 4: Remove Remnants of the Previous Google Planet Installation

According to the official explacountry, in most cases, the Google Planet error 1603 suggests that a specific variation of Google Earth has actually been already set up or tbelow are some remnants of a previous installation on your computer.

To install a fresh Google Earth program smoothly without the error code 1603, you need to uninstall your formerly mounted Google Earth and also rerelocate all its remnants. Here’s what you need to carry out.

Step 1. Uninstall the existing older Google Planet.

Type regulate panel in the Search bar and click the result to open up it.Choose to view by Category and also then navigate to Programs > Programs and also Features.Choose Google Earth Pro and click the Uninstall


Step 2: Delete leftover files.

Press Windows + R to invoke the Run home window, input %programfiles%, and also push Enter. In the opened folder, delete all the subfolders pertained to Google Earth. Then, input %appdata% in the Run window, press the Enter crucial, and remove all the connected folders in the brand-new brochure as well.

Tip 3: Rerelocate connected registry keys.

Bring up the Run home window, input regedit, and click OK to open up Registry Editor. Find and delete the Google Earth Pro keys in the following paths:



Fix 5: Clean Up Temporary Files

The short-term papers of your Windows device could also interfere with the installation of Google Earth and also cause the error 1603. In this case, you deserve to use the built-in Disk Cleanup tool to fix the trouble.

Tip 1: Press Windows + E to open File Explorer and also click This PC.

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Step 2: Under the Devices and also drives section, right-click your system drive and select Properties. Then, click Disk Cleanup under the General tab.

Step 3: In the Disk Cleanup window, click the Clean up system files switch. When the home window pops up aobtain, make certain the Temporary Web Files and Temporary files are checked and also click the OK button.


Once it’s done, you can rebegin your computer system and also initiate the installation aobtain to examine if the Google Earth error 1603 has actually been rerelocated.

Fix 6: Fix Logical Errors for the System Drive

It has actually been proven that you could receive the error message “The installer encountered error 1603” if tright here are specific logical errors on the device drive. Because the Windows Installer component that is necessary for the software installation, maintenance, and removal can be affected by a logical error of the drive.

Tip: To exclude the concerns regarded the Windows Installer service, you deserve to likewise attempt rebeginning the organization. If Windows Installer company could not be accessed, read this guide to obtain some solutions.

To deal with the problem, you can run the CHKDSK command to inspect and solve the logical errors for your device partition. Just type cmd in the Run home window and also press Ctrl + Change + Go into to open Command Prompt as administrator. Then, input chkdsk c: /f command also and also hit Enter. As the mechanism drive is in use, you have to form Y and then restart your computer to run the command.


If Command also Prompt falls short or you think it is too complex to remember the command also line, you can go for a experienced third-party partition manager. Here, MiniTool Partition Wizard is recommfinished for you. This effective utility have the right to help you control difficult drives, backup computers, and also meacertain disk performance conveniently.

To inspect the file device making use of MiniDevice Partition Wizard, simply follow the instructions below.

Free Download

Step 1: Install the complimentary regime and launch it to enter the primary interface.

Step 2: Right-click the mechanism partition and also pick the Check Data System function from the pop-up menu. You deserve to also choose the attribute from the left panel after highlighting the target drive.


Step 3: Choose Check & resolve detected errors and click the Start button. Then, hit Yes to schedule this volume to be checked the following time the device restarts.


After that, restart your computer system have the right to check if the Google Earth error 1603 has been resolved.

Fix 7: Percreate SFC And DISM Scans

What’s more, if you encounter the installer error 1603 Google Earth, chances are that you’re taking care of system file corruption concerns. To remove problems related to mechanism documents, you deserve to use the integrated System File Checker that can help you discover and also replace the corrupted instances via the cached copy.

Just launch Command Prompt as an administrator, input sfc /scannow, and push Enter to begin the system shave the right to. Wait patiently till the confirmation is 100% completed and restart your computer to check if Google Earth installation error 1603 is refixed.

If Google Planet won’t install still, you could should continue with a DISM shave the right to. Make certain your gadget has a steady Web link and execute the adhering to command lines one by one after running Command Prompt as administrator:

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealthDism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealthDism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Once it’s done, reboot your device and also attempt installing Google Earth aget to watch if the error 1603 has been rerelocated.

Fix 8: Enable Quick Documents Name Support in Windows Registry

In some instances, Google Earth won’t install bereason your system is not configured to verify brief file name creation. A short file name is likewise recognized as an 8.3 filename or SFN. It refers to MS-DOS file-naming conventions that restrict file names to 8 personalities and also optional extensions to 3 personalities.

You may resolve Google Earth installation error 1603 by allowing the 8.3 file name creation regisattempt. Here’s what you should do.

Step 1: Open Registry Editor.

Tip 2: Copy and paste the route ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlFileSystem in the address bar. Press Enter to locate the FileSystem key straight.

Tip 3: Double-click the NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation enattempt and collection its Value data to 0. Click the OK button to save alters.


After that, exit the tool and restart your computer. Check if you can install Google Planet properly without the error 1603.

Fix 9: Rerelocate Conflicting Programs

Google Earth won’t install on your computer if some of your mounted programs are conflicting through it. And some adobe programs have been reported to interfere with the installation procedure of Google Earth.

To encertain a proper installation, you have the right to try uninstalling the recognized conflicting programs. If you have no idea about the problematic programs or don’t want to uninstall them, you can clean boot your computer system and also then try launching Google Earth installer aacquire.

In this method, you need to be able to install Google Earth without error 1603 if the difficulty is via your third-party programs.

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Bottom Line

This write-up has introduced some approaches for you to resolve Google Planet error 1603. Do the over options occupational for you? You can share your experiences and concepts with us in the adhering to comment area. If you have actually any type of difficulties through MiniDevice software program, you have the right to call the assistance team by means of .