Invalid ms dos function fix

I have actually Windows 7 COMPUTER. When copying a movie file (mp4) from a DVD to my PC"s hard drive, in Windows Explorer, I"m obtaining the error:

Invalid MS-DOS function.

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The error message pops up, I cancel out, and also the file is not replicated at all. I have actually many type of various other mp4 records on the DVD (I tradition ripped it), which copied simply fine.

What does it mean? How have the right to it be resolved?


Ok, it appears the file might be corrupt at the finish of the movie file, as it reasons VLC to hang and also crash.



As you shown that it is more than likely corrupt, that is great.

Usually it happens bereason the DVD is copy protected. Tbelow may be software program that bypasses that, but it is doubtful someone would obtain that type of help below as it is frowned upon.


I additionally obtained the "Invalid MS-DOS Function" error while copying papers, yet under a different circumstance: Windows 7, copying records from an SMB share on an Mac OS X Lion machine.

(This will not use to you, however this is the only Super User question referencing "Invalid MS-DOS Function", so I point out it just in really hopes of helping someone else!)

On the Mac, I opened a Terminal and ran ls -al in the affected brochure, and noticed this:

note is vital -- it suggests that the file/folder has Extfinished Attributes.

This was the only folder I was having trouble copying; I checked all the other papers and folders that duplicated effectively and also found that they lacked extended qualities.

Running ls -al
4 Blair staff 136 18 Jan 21:52 Stuff 48This is the quarantine attribute provided by the OS to mark papers downloaded from the internet as "perhaps unsafe".

See more: How To Fix Ps4 Error Ce 37813 2, Ps4 Error Ce

Believing the attribute to be playing foul through Windows, I chose to rerelocate it. This answer shows how:

xattr -dr StuffI returned to the Windows machine and started copying the folder aget -- it functioned without a trouble.



Absolutely the specific difficulty I had actually. Spot on, to alert the quarantine xattr. Great post! +1! –user16511 May 2 "12 at 15:55

You have the right to delete the from by openning command also prompt (windows start->cmd, click enter)then run:del ?

Though, I kbrand-new this was an old or probably a addressed problem but below is my addition to the solution.

Click Start, type regmodify in the Start Search box, and also then push ENTER

Locate and then click the adhering to regisattempt subkey:


On the Edit food selection, point to New, and also then click DWORD Value.Type CopyFileBufferedSynchronousIo to name the new entry, and also then press ENTER.Right-click CopyFileBufferedSynchronousIo, and then click Modify.In the Value data box, kind 1, and then click OK.Exit Regisattempt Editor.

Then copy.

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answered Jan 25 "13 at 22:45
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I am late to this, however if someone is still trying to find a solution:Copy command also from the command also prompt functioned for me.

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answered Dec 31 "13 at 4:59
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