Killing floor 2 unable to find match ps4

Killing Floor 2 has newly introduced for totally free on PS4, many thanks to being contained in the PS Plus lineup as of June 2017. However, straight away we can see that many of you are already enduring from Killing Floor 2 server difficulties on PS4.

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The first-person shooter is developed by Tripwire Entertainment and has actually newly checked out a better influx of players joining in on PS4 considering that going totally free, having actually initially released on COMPUTER earlier in 2016.

We deserve to watch though that there are Killing Floor 2 matchmaking troubles on PS4 and also the developers have actually newly said that at times their matchmaking system can go dvery own completely which sometimes calls for hours until it is addressed.


Killing Floor 2 servers down for you on Friday April 9, 2021 with the exact same problems pointed out above? Let us know your condition below and also exactly how lengthy the servers have actually been uneasily accessible for in your area and also we’ll try to help.

Keep an eye on main maintenance notices which we will certainly write-up below in the comments area to store you updated.

Heather Doyle

Xbox one and also XBOX series X Game crashing and also multi-player not functioning. When try to access weapons pod or pick up weapon it dashboards and also ends game. It’s been doing this for over 12 hours. Seems you should have actually the servers prepared to handle the amount of players across the platdevelops prior to releasing extra content. Fix these difficulties first. Ihavent been able to play for 2 days.

Gene Gornick

Still not working prevalent already!

Oscar The Squid

Same yet it was dvery own for me since the 27th up to currently. I hope they’re ago up quickly cuz its fun to meet brand-new people and also take dvery own hordes together.

Purple Screams

Inventory not populating, Can’t switch guns/heal self from time to time.

Brandon Eber

officially 3 days trying to play on COMPUTER via friends and store acquiring constantly removed from server after 2 mins. I cant complete a single round

Brandon Eber

constantly getting disconnected within minutes of playing a enhance ideal currently.“link lost you have actually been rerelocated from the server”

Zizzy Ree

After eexceptionally game my perks recollection to 0. It seemed to me that I’m the just perboy it’s happening to.

Jared Kushner

I obtain past a pair waves then lag out…zeds walk right into walls and also that’s as soon as I know my game ends

Daniel Perales

My loading screen takes forever before so I can’t play it for now… Is there something wrong?

Magnus Mango-Synth Martin

Due to the fact that the Halloween upday any time I start the game, it freeze/crashes and I acquire dashboarded. I’ve tried playing it offline, reinstalled it. Nopoint works, is it broken on Xbox as well? UK.

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I play KF2 on the BO3 Edition PS4. I updated the game to the the majority of current patches. However, I can’t start a complement (digital and also private), or even modify my character without “Error in the application has occurred”. (East coastline, U.S.A)

Joseph Balcom

I keep gaining a “cannot uncover a server matching your search settings” message. In North America

Joseph Blow

Yeah servers not working in Australia

Los Rivera

Can’t join digital play. Kicks me out seconds after log in. Nyc

Greg Morrison II

Whenever before I go to produce a enhance for public to play solo and allow others to join in it claims cannot uncover server.

Julian Branco

I Get “Your link to the hold has actually been lost” eincredibly time the initially wave starts in any game I Join, tried playing in all regions

Ben Polhill

So it seems as though I am NOT the just one suffering problems through this game AGAIN!I originally had actually worries once I initially downloaded and also tried playing method back as soon as it was free through ps plus. I believe it was simply a problem with the ‘region’ choice. Now, years later on the game has suddenly started to freeze at random points. I am obviously on PS4 and I have been playing the game on and also off for a long time. Disappointed that there are more worries. Just want it to be fixed!


Just sits on the loading display screen. I’m in the UK

Joe Blow

Servers down in Victoria/Australia, however hey tell me something new through Tripwire, KF2 is a great game once it works, however it has had some major problems from day 1, many type of virtual buddies deleted it as a result of all sorts of problems.


Servers down in Brooklyn NYC !!

Jacob Duvall

Servers down in North East georgia.


Servers are still not functioning, anyone?


October 5th now, haven’t been able to discover a game for hours. Ever since the update.European servers tell me I have to update, various other servers sindicate won’t connect


Having difficulties in Tenneswatch with servers and also absent inventory. Any fixes yet?

Robert Osorio

From January 26 to 28 I have not been able to discover a solitary game and also I let it fill for cshed to 30 mins or even more however this has actually just bacount taken place prior to it nice quick and also straightforward any suggestions I just wanna play again

Jabriel Chism

My servers are dowb, my inventory won’t fill and also neither will the keep.

Jamal Elfallah

I can’t accessibility the game store

François Dyotte

Great! It’s back..

François Dyotte

2017-11-6, 2:30 PM…Server down for me.


Nuruddin Shah

Nov 3 in Asia hereIt dvery own for me. No news on there Twitter just thisTripwire forums must be back up (they may go up and also dvery own a few times as we do some server configuration)7:22 AM – 2 Nov 2017

Franki Williams

After all this time, this shitty issue is still running rampant, however wait…allows make a money grab for halloween crap, GG Tripwire, well played. Never before in my life will certainly I aacquire be duped by this agency.


I’ve been receiving the message “Patch Available. You should upday the application to usage network-related features” when I deserve to discover no upday indevelopment and obviously isn’t updating automatically.

Woodstock, IL


Ms Money maker

US east server is down again


Us eastern down again

Monte Raid

its fucking damaged i deleted it immediately

Leeky G

It’s working perfect on my xbox 1S. #jusSayn. Ps4 trash ass servers prefer always

Breezy Marie

US eastern has been dvery own for 2 days it is still down now. Can’t matchmake and also can’t also sign up with the squad via my bf who resides in the exact same family as me. It’s dvery own on both of our PS4s.

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Saint Richie

Charles M blackburn

Elkton maryland also usa server hablackburn23 s not operated since july 24 amd still not working now

Josh Davies

I don’t recognize if this is a server concern or an issue through my ps4 however for some reason I can’t download ‘update version 1.09″ onto my ps4. I have simply recently obtained a external hardrive and also had 1.6TB free area left but it keeps saying delete applications to produce space??? Any aid or advice would certainly be exceptionally beneficial.


The servers are down in Chicago


The servers are off in Chicago

Lina Pyro Yamada

JapanPlayed previously on the Australian server but nothing currently. Went to invite just option to see which ones were down, had the ability to obtain right into Australia and Central US however when I switched ago to public, the serverwas either overloaded or dvery own aobtain. F*cking bullsh!t. I just want to kill Zeds on my couch

Sarah RandomDesu Allen

Been trying to play a enhance with myBrother this day and also yesterday but not acquiring any matches, just continues to be on currently matchmaking forever before