Laptop battery says 100 but dies when unplugged

How have the right to I test if the battery is associated internally to my netbook or if it is working? Is it possible that the battery has been disabled by a software application setting? The battery shows 100% charged, yet the netbook shuts down if the AC adapter cable is unplugged, so the battery is not kicking in to store the netbook operating.

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I think your netbook"s battery has actually gone kaput. You have the right to verify this in a number of ways by either installing an application choose Battery Care or CPUID HWMonitor

Or you might use Windows" powercfg tool to examine your battery wellness. Use this command:

powercfg /batteryreport (if you"re running Windows 8. This doesn"t require privilege elevation)powercfg -energy (if you"re on Windows 7/8. This needs that you run the command also making use of an elevated command also prompt and prorecords your battery intake for 60 seconds to produce a report)That"ll create a battery health report which will present the battery"s design capacity and its present capacity.


You can also want to calibprice your battery so that it reports correct battery indevelopment.

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You deserve to test to see if the battery is associated internally by rerelocating the battery while the netbook is on and plugged in. If the netbook tells you that the battery has been rerelocated after you actually rerelocate it... and also then acknowledges that you simply inserted a battery after you actually put it earlier in, then your netbook is properly connecting to the battery.

If one or even more of the cells within the battery are bad/defective, they have the right to make the battery report a full/100% charge while being charged however then fail when under load. Another prevalent symptom of a failing/defective cell in a lapoptimal battery is what appears to be a normal drainpipe until somewhere in between 50%-20%, then immediate drop to almost 0%.

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It is not uncommon for one cell within a laptop/netbook battery to fail. Depending on the make of netbook or lapheight, and whether the battery is an extended life design, tright here are generally in between 3 and 6 cells within a netbook/lapoptimal battery... not that this variety is definitive by any implies, for tright here are 8, 9, and also 12 cell batteries out tbelow too for some models. I do not believe I"ve ever before seen one via fewer than 3 though.

I can"t say for certain, given that I do not have your netbook in front of me, but the opportunities are good that this is just your netbook telling you to purchase a brand-new battery.