League of legends stuck at loading screen


An unrecognized Direct X error League of Legends has arisen and Organization of Legends cannot begin. A great many type of player are troubled by this vexing trouble. In today’s article, MiniTool will certainly walk you with 3 reliable troubleshooting techniques via you.

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As an excellent multiple battle arena game, League of Legends has attracted a good variety of players roughly the world. However before, many type of players fail to begin this game as soon as League of Legends Direct X error message pops up.


How to resolve Organization of Legends Direct X error? Now, you deserve to refer to the complying with options that have actually been prrange to be useful by many type of individuals.


What can you carry out if you enrespond to Organization of Legends error code 004? Come and read this post, and you will get 7 approaches to resolve LoL error code 004.

Systems 1. Delete the Game.cfg File

Deleting the game.cfg file has actually been proven useful by some Organization of Legends players. It is worth to have a try. To delete this file, you deserve to follow the quick overview below:

Tip 1. Press Victory + E keys to open up your Documents Explorer, and then navigate to the area path: C:Riot GamesLeague of LegendsConfig.

Tip: If tbelow is the Organization of Legends shortreduced in your desktop computer, you can ideal click it and select Open file location to uncover the game.cfg file.

Step 2. In the Config subfolder, pick the game.cfg file and push Delete crucial to delete it. After that, you deserve to rebegin the game and also view if the League of Legends Direct X error still persists.


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Solution 2. Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

According to users’ reports, the error message “an unrecognized Direct X error League of Legends has developed and League of Legends cannot start” typically occurs if your graphics card vehicle drivers are not compatible via Direct X.

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At this time, updating graphics card drivers is one of the most prevalent means to deal with the concern. Here’s how to carry out that:

Tip 1. Right click the Start menu and pick Device Manager from the conmessage food selection.

Step 2. Navigate to the Display adapters area and also expand it, and also then appropriate click the graphics card driver and select Upday driver from conmessage menu.


Tip 3. In the pop-up home window, you deserve to select one method to upday the graphics card chauffeurs automatically or manually based upon your requirements. If you pick Search instantly for updated driver software, Windows will certainly update it instantly. If you pick the Browse my computer system for driver software, you need to download the latest driver from the manufacturer’s official webwebsite.


After you install the latest graphics card driver, restart the game and examine if an unrecognized Direct X error Organization of Legends is resolved.

Equipment 3. Initiate a Full Repair of League of Legends Client

If the 2 above techniques fail to eliminate the error, you deserve to attempt initiating a complete repair of the League of Legends client. Here is an automated repair tool that you deserve to uncover it within the client settings. Now, follow the procedures listed below to usage this repair tool.

Step 1. Double click the launcher to open up Organization of Legends, and then wait for the launcher to inspect for new updays to the game or the client. Now, click the Launch button at the optimal of the loading page.

Step 2. Open the game’s settings and navigate to the General sub-section at the Client section.

Tip 3. Click on the Initiate Full Repair choice and also follow the on-display instructions to finish this repair. After the repair ends, you deserve to rebegin your game and view if an unwell-known Direct X error League of Legends still pops up.

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How to settle Organization of Legends Direct X error? The 3 helpful approaches have been told to you. It’s your rotate to have actually a try.



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