Lenovo fan error on boot

If that dosent work,pressure to make the machine shutdown via the switch and also revolve it earlier on.(repeat it acuple of times).Get in B.I.O.S. applied defaults.Tjhis shuld clear the error log.In most cases its tempora,however it will certainly be a cuple of days till you need to execute it again.Hope it helps

I likewise have this trouble on both my Lenovo Thinkpads. I purchased an Opolar outside fan and also currently I escape previous the fan error. Still perform occasional blow-outs. SPECCY reports temps as follows: Processor 36c MB 39c HD 32c




I"m have actually functioned on this specific lapheight plenty of times. The bottom line, Lenovo T-410 Has a poor design design. The fan blades are incredibly small unfavor 99% of any kind of other lapheight brand also which causes the fan to speak functioning when the knives are full of debris. There"s no have to relocation the fan. All you need to perform to settle this issue is to acquire a deserve to of compressed air and also blow up the air ventilation outlet. That takes treatment of the problem 99% of the times.

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Short answer:

If you just finiburned upgrading to Windows 10 and also started getting the error, get into the BIOS (F1 key after powering up) and reset to default. Be certain to have actually "OS optimized defaults" collection to Disabled, unmuch less you perform usage UEFI-based Secure Boot in the system. If you"re uncertain, try both kinds of defaults.

Thanks Bander for the tip in your comment.


I had actually this error come up appropriate after I finimelted upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10. It happened after the totality upgrade and also all the update installations were done totally. Satisfied through my upgrade suffer, I shut dvery own my B490 lappeak and saw take a nap. I came ago from nap and turned it on for a normal day"s work-related, only to obtain two beeps and also the Fan error message.

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The fan was functioning entirely fine, and it didn"t seem choose anypoint would certainly be wrong with the fan hardware per se. The lapoptimal had actually not relocated a hair from wright here it was, so I wondered about the fan"s pin link getting lose. I tried blowing air into the holes. Some dust came out, yet it didn"t aid.

What did help was to recollection the BIOS to default. You have to be mindful here, to NOT select the OS optimized default (unless you are really making use of UEFI secure boot). I didn"t realize and I applied OS optimized default first. No real damage though, the computer system simply verified boot food selection and the difficult disk wouldn"t boot. After running some simple diagnostic goodies I found in that menu, I went ago to the BIOS and also recovered the default aget, yet this time NOT the OS optimized defaults. Couple of restarts, and we"re back in service.

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So if you are here bereason you just upgraded to Windows 10 and also set up all the updates, and also are all of a sudden gaining fan error, just reset the BIOS to defaults as over. It would seem that some changes the Windows 10 upgrade or any of the updates provides would have actually screwed up some BIOS compatibility and caused the current BIOS settings to cough up the misleading error.