Lenovo hard disk not detected

My computer will not boot up, I get an error message that states "EFI Netjob-related 0 for IPv4(6) (F0-76-1C-1E-ED-AB) boot failed" and also once I go to the setup energy it said "Hard disk ". Any Advice?






Can you hear the HDD spin up as soon as you begin the laptop? If not and also also if you can, then the HDD may have failed and will need to be reinserted.

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Here is a attach to business hand-operated for your lapheight. Scroll to p.39 to see the vital pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to rerelocate the HDD.

Use this to initially check that the HDD is firmly connected.

If it is, you have the right to try and re-seat the HDD and also see if this solves the difficulty, (rerelocate and re-insert the HDD).

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If this doesn"t occupational then you can remove the HDD and also install it in a desktop computer and also check if it is recognized and works tbelow.

If it does then tright here is a difficulty via the motherboard in the lapheight.

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If it doesn"t then the trouble is via the HDD.

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I understand for my lappeak, the HDD was not set up effectively and also 2 screws were absent. After reinstalling it, it worked

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