Lenovo hardware scan result code



Hi - I obtained code WPE001001-UO8VXN as a result in my hardware scan, which failed. I can"t find any kind of indevelopment on this code. My warranty runs out in 3 days! Can someone help, please?



Excellent advice, thanks - I did call tech support and also as it turned out I needed a BIOS update. Once updated, all was/is well.

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I would call support instantly and also offer them the code BEFORE warranty expires. They have to be able to decipher what it means.


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Thanks - they do not open till 10AM EST, so I was trying here first to check out whether it"s a prevalent problem and a simple fix :)

Do contact support, yet if you open vivaworldcup.info Vantage >> Health and also Support >> Run a Hardware Scan and choose "View Last Results", it will certainly display you what the error code indicates in simple English, however it can be decoded as complies with. 



W Windows

PE PCI Express 

001 Test Performed

OO1 Test Result

UO8VXN Encrypted serial number and also date of test.

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The result code implies that something on the PCIe bus reported an error, which could be a poor device, bad driver, or a device being disabled and so on.

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Best of luck,

Excellent advice, many thanks - I did call technology assistance and as it turned out I essential a BIOS update. Once updated, all was/is well.



Quick question - once you say "a BIOS update" was required is this the COMPUTER BIOS or specifically regarded the HDD?

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