Lenovo ideapad p500 battery not charging



I"ve been having concerns with my battery. If I unplug the charging adapter, my laptop automatically shuts off. The battery would certainly remain at 0% and also say "plugged in, not charging". I figured the problem was the battery so I reput it. I still have the exact very same problem however the battery percent is 54%. It neither drains nor charges. I"ve tried reverting my power choices to their default settings. My drivers were approximately day. I"ve uninstalling and reinstalling the vehicle drivers. And in progressed power settings I"ve tried restoring default settings and likewise altering reserver battery level for on battery and also plugged in from 7% to 100%. In spite of all this I still have the same initial difficulty.

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Hi Epsilon

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As i understand also that you are encountering worries regarded the battery.

what you must perform is the follow the listed below steps

1- Open the Energy monitoring appllication and push on battery setting

2- in battery health and wellness tab just Select Battery Fully-Charged Mode and also push on Ok

Hope the above indevelopment helps, Please examine and let me know

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Thank you for your reply. I opened the power management application, but I execute not check out the battery fully-charged choice. I did however view that under battery status it says "destroyed". Is it possible the brand-new battery I ordered is dysfunctional? Or that I set up the battery improperly?

Hi Epsilon,

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I am sorry to indevelop you that the replacement battery that you acquired is a faulty one too it’s a clear indication that under battery condition it shows as ‘destroyed’.

I would certainly suggest you please return the battery to the exact same service centre from wright here you obtained the battery from.

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Hope the over information helps and please let us know how you go around.

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