Lenovo tablet wont turn on or charge



Help! I have a vivaworldcup.info Tab 2 A10-70F that refsupplies to revolve on and does not seem to desire to charge.

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I"ve only had it because July last year, not certain if it is still in warranty or not.


When I plug it in to charge (and also I have tried many different chargers) tright here is no indication it is charging and it won"t power on at all.

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I have actually tried holding the power switch for 20 secs, tried holding a mix of the power and also volume butloads, tried booting right into recovery mode yet I get nopoint.


Have I got a dead tablet?





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Hello JobboThanks for using the vivaworldcup.info vivaworldcup.info.By the sounds of points, rather perhaps.

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Try a static discharge for this, it may aid to deal with the issue or at leastern eliminate any built up static on the motherboard.(If the battery is internal, please simply skip the remove/rearea battery measures.)1. Turn the unit off2. Rerelocate the battery and also the Mains adapter3. Press and also host the front power switch for 30 seconds4. Relocation the battery and the Mains adapter5. Turn the unit on as normal

If these procedures perform not work-related I would recommfinish, that you contact your local vivaworldcup.info assistance line for a feasible organization. Below is the link to the phone list wright here you deserve to find these numbers

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