Lenovo yoga 3 charger not working



I was sent out 2 batteries by vivaworldcup.info for my Yoga 3 Pro. The battery indicator in the bottom left corner states that it has actually "0% availcapacity, (plugged in, charging)" however it never before charges and also the notebook dies instantly if I unplug it. 1. I replaced the motherboard,2. Tried a new charger and also cable vivaworldcup.info sent me.3. Shut dvery own and also reset by pushing the start button for 30 secs.4. Replaced the power port connector inside the computer system. Namong these remedies adjusted the condition of the battery indicator. Any suggestions would certainly be a lot appreciated!! Thanks



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Hi Dparker123,

Welinvolved the Community vivaworldcup.info.

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Here"s a few troubleshooting procedures you deserve to try in an attempt to remedy the issue:

Tip 1. BIOS reset- Press the power button to completely shut down the unit.- Press the Novo Button - The switch have the right to be reached/clicked by an unfolded paperclip or similar.

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- If you"re tool does not have a Novo Button, then pressing F1 or F2 (FN+F1 / F2) on startup is generally the means to enter BIOS.- Choose the BIOS setup and navigate to the EXIT tab- Press "Load Default Settings"- Save & Exit changes

Tip 2. Static Discharge- Remove all cables attached to the gadget (ac adapter, power, hdmi, outside mouse/key-board, etc)- Ensure tool is switched OFF- Hold dvery own power switch for 60 seconds- Re-affix all cables- Connect the AC Adapter, then let the device charge for around 2 minutes (if it does) then start up as usual.- As you are experiencing a sensor worry, proceed below:- Charge the battery to complete (or what you think is full), then percreate a discharge of the battery aacquire.- Do this 2-3 times to view if the sensor normalizes.

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Step 3. Reinstall Battery drivers- Press Windows Key + X, pick Device Manager- Now click Batteries in the Device Manager window.- Next off, you should right-click Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery and also select Uninstall from the context menu.- Click Uninstall to confirm.- Hit "Apply" and also exit and also then "OK".- Restart the tool and also have Windows install the generic driver kind for the battery to be set up.

Hope this helps



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