Lenovo yoga 910 not charging


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I have a vivaworldcup.info yoga 910-13ikb and also am having actually an issue via the battery. Computer shut off sooner or later and also for a few days would only job-related while plugged in and also would shut off once trying to run on battery. Then it simply stopped doing that all together. I removed the battery and booted up through it out to test if the battery was the worry. PC turned on and also ran fine. reassociated the battery and also currently the COMPUTER would certainly begin and run on power yet it was no much longer detecting any type of battery. I was getting a "plugged in, not charging" message, while at the same time it mirroring the battery level at 100% (constantly reflects this now). I removed the ACHI battery power module, or whatever before its dubbed, in tool manager and also rebooted enabling it to reinstall. I now acquired a "plugged in" message. after a while that changed to "255% accessible, plugged in" and once i unplugged the power cable the screen dimmed, discovering its on battery yet the battery symbol was empty and the message was "unknown remaining".


Heres what i"ve tried:

-Tried 2 brand-new batteries. I thought the first one was defective so i sent out earlier and also ordered another one, no difference from the original battery. Almany constantly a new battery has fixed this problem

-removed the achi-power chauffeurs and also tried fresh install from the one on vivaworldcup.infos assistance site (was the same variation, tright here is nopoint newer)

-tried the discharge static technique, no success.

-tried one more power supply, albiet not a 45w one however one that would certainly still power and also charge the PC, COMPUTER ran just fine off of it, no readjust to battery.

-tried to upday bios yet was already on the latest variation (btw what a **bleep**ty fundamental bios this thing has, come on vivaworldcup.info!)


So i"m now reasoning that its a poor motherboard that is no detecting the battery. However i"d believed i write-up right here if anyone had actually any other concepts prior to i order a $4-500 motherboard for this point. 


EDIT UPDATE: well i just turned it on, through the power associated obviously, and its currently telling me no battery current. But once i unplug it, it remains on. So def a motherboard issue?