Lga 2011-v3 motherboard

If you’re looking to develop an elite gaming computer with an Intel Extreme processor, you’ll require a super-quick, reputable, and well-built motherboard. Utilizing the latest Intel X99 Chipcollection through the Socket 2011-v3, you’re assured the ideal speeds and also highest possible performance that the latest modern technology deserve to deliver.

We’ve scoured the industry and determined the best X99 Motherboards for 2017-2018 from our two favorite manufacturers – Asus and MSI. Each of the ones we’ve favored would make a wise investment if you don’t want to compromise via slow-moving or under-powered performance.

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Built with Asus’s very very own patent-pfinishing socket architecture that pushes DDR4 to reach higher frequencies than ever before before, for this reason lowering latency and also pack times. This socket is perfect for those that need overclocking capabilities, plus it’s compatible with all Haswell-E CPUs for stellar performance.The TUF Detective attribute offers you all the essential mechanism indevelopment ideal amethod. Using your smartphone and the complimentary companion application, you have the right to attach your phone through a USB cable right into the USB port on the mobo. It’ll provide you prompt insight by giving you POST codes, diagnostic information, and also necessary information.Looks good, perfect for those who want the finest of the finest. Built via Thermal Armor for optimal cooling and also airflow. Tbelow are incorporated heat pipes that constantly work to dissipate warm from the a lot of essential parts of your computer system choose the CPU. This alone has actually the ability to lower overall temperature by 50 degrees Fahrenheit.Expandable up to 64 GB of DDR4 Memory.


The motherboard dashboard well-known as Thermal Radar 2 gives you full insight right into the speeds of all the fans on your device. From this dashboard, you can also control the cooling on ASUS video cards. Furthermore, the motherboard is equipped through an array of sensors that constantly provide exact readings right into the current and also maximum temperatures.Comes had through Dust Defenders that keep out undesirable particles when you aren’t making use of a particular slot. This keeps everything running without collecting enormous quantities of dust gradually over time.Super sturdy architecture with TUF Fortifier located on the earlier side. It protects versus any kind of heat related worries that have the right to happen over time if left unchecked. The building and construction is made from a dedicated SECC product that resists corrosion and also dissipates warm.With the onboard USB 3.1, you have the right to quickly achieve move increases to 10 Gigs per second.

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MSI X99A SLI PLUS Motherboard


With the OC Engine function, you deserve to push your CPU ideal to the limit without any type of worries. It’s equipped through internal clocks that are linked via the 100 MHz, 125 MHz, and 167 MHz straps for the finest overclocking capabilities possible. These prevent any crashes as soon as your device is achieving the greatest possible OC speeds.Built with the brand-new “ECO Power” function that lets you take advantage of the recent upgrades in efficiency. It have the right to minimize in its entirety power usage by 19% with it’s distinct capacity to disable hardware instantly if it’s not in use. Furthermore, if less hardware is running, you deserve to suppose cooler temperature levels.MSI’s latest BIOS web page, well-known as “Click BIOS 4” is designed to run smoother and faster than it’s previous variation. It’s packed through a broad range of UEFI Bios settings that are optimized for the latest Operating Solution.Expandable up to 128 GB of DDR4 Memory – wow!


Onboard USB 3.1 permits you the latest information carry speeds at up to 10 Gigs per second – 20 times much faster than USB 2.0 and 2 times much faster than USB 3.0.Thturbulent the BIOS you deserve to allow OC Genie 4, a utility that offers your system an additional shot of rate and performance. With the single click of a switch it deserve to quickly be enabled.

ASUS X99-PRO Motherboard


With the patent pfinishing OC Socket feature, you can push your CPU to the following level with progressed, easy to use overclocking. It uses added pins to create a better circuit on the LGA socket to make DDR4 perdevelop also better at a higher frequency through lower latency and added stability.With Asus’s 5-Way Optimization, you have the right to dynamically optimize your components based on real-time consumption. This means, games run much much faster given that they’re tailored for performance bandwidth priority and incredible sound.Built with Fan Xpert 3, a feature that offers you manage of all the cooling fans in a solitary place. You deserve to configure practice settings for specific fans or manage them to adapt to the changing temperatures through the included thermal sensors.

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Comes contained via among the smoothest, ideal looking BIOS control panels on the industry. The BIOS have the right to be managed through your mouse and also it’s setup in a way to ensure ease of usage to the wide assortment of adjustments and functions you have the right to take benefit of.Onboard M.2 offers up to 37 Gb/s information deliver speeds so there’s much less wait time and also even more perform time. This new Gen 3 x4 platcreate is essential for those looking to use their system as rapid as possible.Specifically optimized for professional computer system individuals or elite gamers. With an assortment of “boosts” you can push every little thing to it’s limit. Netfunctioning rise provides an added priority to your computer system and also making the many out of the easily accessible bandwidth. Speed rise excels for easy overclocking and gaming performance. Sound rise offers off crystal-clear audio that sounds great in-game and also with the mic. Last however not leastern, fan rise provides you complete control over the fans so you can optimize them to run precisely exactly how you’d like them to.With the onboard USB 3.1, you can quickly accomplish deliver accelerates to 10 Gigs per second.