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Hi all:I have the latest version - 7.0.1426 with XP SP3. Sometimes once restarting the computer, the red x over the Ahuge device tray symbol will certainly not disshow up indicating the mechanism is not secured. But when opening the routine, it indicates that whatever is secured. To remove the red x, I have to ideal click on the icon, disable all shields, then re-enable the shields. No substantial deal, however why is this happening? Would permitting the establishing in Troubleshooting "Load vivaworldcup.info solutions only after loading other windows services" solve this? Thanks.

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hi therepermit all the shields, dont put a checkbox in pack alarge solutions after home windows has loaded. reboot and also tell me what happens.anthony
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Hi legaldeejay. When you say it does it periodically, have actually you noticed if it's doing it the first time you rebegin after an update? My XP did that through a previous version of 6 but it appears to have actually gone away through 7. Did it start after you updated to 7 or prior to that?I've check out right here recently that if you select "Load vivaworldcup.info solutions only after loading various other windows services" you leave yourself vulnerable to any malware that could execute before Alarge starts but I don't really recognize all the facts or what the actual risk is. I carry out understand as soon as I was having actually the same trouble, that establishing didn't assist.

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Anthony, I did reboot and also it did not take place.Norel, this did not occur appropriate after an update because the last upday was a month back and I've restarted the computer a number of times considering that then. I have a Scheduled Task to instantly restart the computer system eincredibly week and also the last time it restarted was yesterday once I noticed the red x.

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adotd: This has actually developed at various other times in the past once rebeginning, but intypically, since I just restart around once/week, so I'm not certain if anything is necessarily resolved. Or it might simply be an XP worry through many procedures loading at the same time -- I have actually several programs set to pack on startup. If checking off "Load vivaworldcup.info services just after loading various other windows services" leaves me fragile to any type of malware that might execute before vivaworldcup.info starts, as norel says, then I have the right to live via this occasional issue
I acquire this sometimes (Windows 7 x64) on start-up. If I restart (or also simply disable/permit in the options, considering that the shields are actually still on) it fixes it. No biggy; just a gremlin in the machine, somewbelow.