Lobby server connection error ffxiv 2002

You can’t attach to the lobby server on FFXIV because you view a 2002 error? In this write-up, you deserve to learn some of the easiest means to deal with this problem conveniently.

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Final Fantasy XIV is an virtual video game that allows you to chat with your friends and share adendeavors together in the wonderful human being of Final Fantasy. Still, as soon as you have actually worries through your internet connection, you will uncover errors prefer the lobby server link error 2002.

The message is as follows:

The lobby server connection has encountered an error.This error can show up because tright here is some regimen that is blocking the connection or also some trouble in your rexternal or computer system hardware.

If you are one of those that have the right to play FFXIV because of the error 2002, on this post you will discover some of the ideal troubleshooting tips and also tutorial to settle this worry.


Systems 1: Rebegin Router

This is the initially of the options that you deserve to attempt to deal with the 2002 error on FFXIV. This trouble shows up because you haven’t restart your router for a while.

Routers are hardware pieces that occasionally uncover errors and also get stuck in a faulty state wright here you will endure internet connection error and also a quick way to resolve that worries are to restart the rexternal.


To rebegin the rexternal, you deserve to attempt unplugging it from the power source and wait around 5 minutes. Then you need to plug the router aobtain to the power resource and also revolve it on.

Now you need to launch FFXIV and verify that this error has actually been resolved effectively.

Systems 2: Add FFXIV to Firewall

Windows 10 and also older versions have actually included a helpful firewall that protects you from undesirable connections that deserve to harm or steal your data.

FFXIV is an virtual game that requirements to have actually permission from the Windows Firewall to have the ability to attach you to the lobby server.

When you are not sure if the firewall is blocking the game, you can attempt to include it to the whitelist to permit any type of link from this trusted videogame.

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Note: Make certain to add the proper file to the firewall to stop any kind of problem or virus that can damage your COMPUTER.

Open the Control Panel from the Start food selection or execute the command manage in the Run dialogNavigate to the area System and Security and also tbelow click Windows Defender FirewallOn the left side menu you have some alternatives, click the one that says Allow an application or feature trought Windows Defender FirewallIn the home window that opens, click the button Change settings to allow the various other settings that are unavailableClick on the Browse switch and also select the folder wbelow you have mounted Final Fantasy XIV. Then click on Open and then on Add to permit the game through the firewallFinally, you have to check the boxes Private and Public in the FFXIV game and click the OK button to conserve the changesNow you can try to launch the game to verify that the error 2002 has actually been solved

Systems 3: Uninstall WTFast

WTQuick is a valuable business that allows you to alleviate the lag and ping on your digital games and also works as a VPN server, yet that doesn’t hide or mask your IP address.

Although this program is a helpful utility that works good on games prefer Dota or CS:Go, tright here are some reports that the software application doesn’t occupational appropriately with FFXIV.

Thus you have the right to attempt to uninstall this regime from your computer system to solve the lobby server connection error 2002 on FFXIV.

Once again you should open the Control Panel and tright here click the alternative Uninstall a program or execute the command also appwiz.cpl in the Run dialog Victory + ROnce in the Programs and features energy, you have to scroll down and also situate the routine WTQuick.Follow the wizard instructions to remove this software application from your computer system and also then launch FFXIV to verify if the issue has been fixed

Systems 4: Connect Trough Cable

This is the last approach that you can attempt, yet that can help you to fix this problem or to connect temporarily to the Final Fantasy servers.

Some Reddit users reported that as soon as you connect your computer system to the internet trought and also ethernet cable, FFXIV seems to occupational without difficulties, and also you deserve to attach to the lobby server conveniently.

if you are making use of a WiFi link, try to attach your computer system to your router and also then try when aget to run the game.

Wrapping Up

Final Fantasy XIV is a videogame that doesn’t have actually too many crashing problems however numerous server difficulties prefer the error 2002.

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Thanks to this tutorial, you will be able to resolve this error on your game and proceed playing for hours in the great people of Final Fantasy.