Logitech g930 sound not working

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I had a Logitechnology G930 for a few months currently, operated great. Then unexpectedly, someday my headcollection doesn"t play sound. I"ve tried turning it off and on aget, unplugging and replugging, and also both at the exact same time, yet nothing functions. My battery is fully charged, my headset is associated to the receiver, and also my headset is on. Anyone else have this problem, and also anyone understand just how to fix it?



Remove the Logitech Software and also the driver under Sound devices. Then allow Windows to reaffix the driver and also unit.

I don"t understand if this is what you"re talking about, but I"m making use of the USB port on the left side of my computer system.

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Plug the USB connector into the rear USB ports on the motherboard. Then best click the speaker symbol, Click Playback Devices, and make certain your headphones are noted as default.
Perhaps there is somepoint more underlying the issue:Please review all of the adhering to instructions discovered here: http://www.vivaworldcup.info/for...ons-windows-8-windows-7-and-vista-452654.html After analysis all of the instructions found over write-up the forced logs in a new thread: BSOD, App Crashes And Hangs Please note that the BSOD team is very busy and will certainly obtain to you in due time. If you carry out not obtain a reply within 72 hours then you may bump the article. Do not short article any kind of logs here!
I mean, it worked. It was working good, then my headphones turned off at random intervals. I got that solved, but currently my sound comes out my laptop speakers instead of my headphones. When I right-click on my speaker symbol and pick Playearlier Devices, the option to select my G930 as the default tool doesn"t show up.

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Do a reinstall of the Sound driver this time, not the Logitech software program or Logitechnology Sound driver.Then use a various USB port on the lappeak and view if it pops up in the Playearlier gadgets.
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