Long load times fallout 4 pc

Recently gained ago right into FO4 and downloaded a bunch of mods utilizing the reasonably new AAF Framework. The mods occupational fine yet, I"ve noticed excruciatingly LONG fill times going from internal cells to exterior. Anywbelow from 2 - 5 minutes. I know mods have actually come a long method and also most likely use more memory. Could it be I require even more RAM? Or is this an FPS thing?

Any assist or understanding would be appreciated. Thanks.


My rig uses;

Windows 8.1 (64 bit)

AMD FX 6300 Six-core 3.5 GHz with 

16.0 GB RAM

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Long load times are a Fallout 4 engine software program worry that commonly can not be resolved even having actually the fastest ssd on the earth , that said via mods you deserve to deal with anypoint , turns out pack time are tied to your fps :O

The vanilla game is capped at 60 by default so you need to break that to make load times quicker like 8 secs at max or so

Things you need: https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/10283  this is a pack accelerator , you need also enb ( core ) files to make it work http://enbdev.com/execute...od_fallout4.htm and several tinkering to collection it up ,

You do not need to have actually enb installed simply the primary documents , there are instructions just how to install this loader on the Load accelerator page ( its a pain however not also tough )

and also when you carry out set it up make certain your pc deserve to handle it , my older GPU made really nasty coil whine while loading areas at 350+ fps so i would recommfinish limiting the load time fps to about 200 at max so you do not cook your GPU by accident because its a vast spike in the fill and also those deserve to be nasty

mod writer additionally warned around this issue so do not obtain as well crazy

yet yes if this mod works for you and you take your time to collection it up you no longer have lengthy load screens
cheers !

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Thanks Vexi89. The "Load Accelerator" is basically for SSD drives. I still have an HDD drive so it wouldn"t do a lot. 

Your connect DID suggest me in the best direction and also the YouTube connect at the bottom of that mod was VERY helpful. I"ll include it here in situation somebody else might use it. When I checked performance in Task Manager, my cache was currently at 8.5 GB. I did some serious cleaning and also tweaking and also things have boosted immensely. So, many thanks again for your help.