M.2 vs sata ssd boot time

deserve to someone tell me exactly how a lot quicker boot times will certainly be on a 970 evo plus nvme m.2 than a 850 evo sata ssd? i have actually a samsung 850 evo sata ssd as boot drive appropriate now. Someone in the testimonial area of samsung 970 evo plus shelp his boot times are reduced from 15 secs on a (unspecified) sata ssd to 5 secs on a 970 evo plus, i am finding that a tiny hard to believe.. is that true? should i get the 970 evo plus?

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Tbelow will certainly be extremely bit or no distinction. YOu probbly won"t notification it


Here is bootup benchmrk https://www.techpowerup.com/review/samsung-970-evo-ssd-500-gb/8.html


All ssds from drammuch less older sata ssds to a 970 evo are in between 17 and 19.5 seconds. Optane would be a little quicker, but still not a astronomical jump.




Boot times on an NVMe gadget are perhaps a 2nd faster than with a normal SSD. It could be that they reset up Windows and the new install didn"t have all their old startup programs bogging it dvery own.





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As boot tools, 2.5" S-ATA, m.2 S-ATA & m.2 NVMe are all negligibly various in boot time... LTT did a video clip on precisely this not that long ago.


The actual performance is not that huge if you jump from SATA 3 to nvme unless you are copying lots of data


The actual performance is not that astronomical if you jump from SATA 3 to nvme unless you are copying several data

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